Work Truck – Best Options for Hauling and Towing Capacity

used work trucks for sale in ncIf you have a construction, landscaping or delivery business, or you just need to haul cargo, you’ll need a truck. While brand-new trucks are expensive, you’ll find a great deal on a work truck in the used truck market. However, there are so many options to consider like cab and bed size as well as payload capacity. Certainly, you’re looking for a dealer to help you decipher all the jargon so you can find what you need. You’ll find that assistance at Peters Auto Mall.

Kevin and Angie Peters started their used vehicle business in 1993 with you in mind. Then, as now, we’re dedicated to quality customer service. And we’ve grown into the Piedmont Triad’s #1 used vehicle dealer with a huge inventory always ready for your visit. Whatever make, model, or year of the vehicle, we’re sure to have what you need.  If not, we can find it for you. With financing options for any buyer, we’ll find an affordable option no matter what your cash flow situation.

Heavy-Duty, Full, Mid, and Compact Trucks

While it’s tempting to buy a larger truck for your business, shop for a vehicle closely matched with your needs. Full-sized trucks can carry and pull more, but they’re also harder to maneuver. Generally, larger trucks get lower gas mileage than compact trucks. Furthermore, if you don’t need to haul dirty cargo, you may want to consider a cargo van instead.

However, if you haul heavy equipment, you want a pickup that can handle it. If you skimp on power, the truck might have trouble hauling your cargo.  Some experts suggest slightly overestimating your requirements when buying a pickup. For example, look for a truck with 10% more capacity than you currently need.

Moreover, when searching for a truck with heavy-duty pulling power, you need to know its torque. Higher torque ratings are important when you’re towing or hauling heavy loads. It’s the force that helps the vehicle start moving from a stop. In trucks, diesel engines are the kings when it comes to torque.

What Options Are the Best?

Typically, pickup trucks come in 4 different cabs defined by door count, length and door hinge placement. Generally, the size of the cab and pickup corresponds with the bed size. For instance, in a full-sized truck, the standard length is 8 feet with a standard cab. With an extended cab, the bed is only 6 feet. However, some mid-size truck manufacturers mix and match bed size regardless of cab size.

Then, of course, there are luxury items to consider. Wi-fi, touch screens, or heated seats are options you may want to consider. Buying a used truck is no different than buying a used car. Do your research and shop from a reputable dealer like Peters Auto Mall.

Our large inventory consists of trucks of different ages and sizes that offer various options. Browse online to view the amount of mileage as well as the features of each vehicle. If you see something you like while looking online, you can easily schedule a test drive. Just click on the green button to the right of the picture.

Why Buy a Used Truck?

Indeed, the used truck market is very similar to the used car market.  With increased improvements in technology, a well-maintained truck can last beyond the 200,000-mile mark. Consider more than just the mileage and the year when shopping for a truck. Moreover, new trucks depreciate at roughly the same rate as new cars. Therefore, you can get a great value when you buy used.

Additionally, look for a dealer who takes trade-ins to help reduce the purchase price of the truck. Whatever year vehicle you have, Peters will accept your trade-in. Find its approximate value by answering a few questions on our online form. Within 48 hours, we’ll get back to you with an estimate. Then, bring your vehicle to us at your convenience, so one of our appraisers can examine it. After the examination, we’ll present you with an offer. If you have all the necessary paperwork with you, you can drive off the lot in your new pickup.

Find a Quality Work Truck from a Trusted Dealer

Running your own business can be stressful at times. However, shopping for a new work truck doesn’t have to be difficult. At Peters Auto Mall, we want to relieve you of some of the hassles of buying a used vehicle. Each vehicle in our inventory undergoes a 125-point inspection so you’re assured of buying a quality truck. Furthermore, our entire inventory is priced with our no-haggle pricing, so you never have to negotiate the cost. Plus, we have financing options for everyone, even with a low credit score.

So, give us a call today at 336-434-1600 to schedule a test drive or ask questions.