What to Expect from the Car Appraisal Process at Peters

car appraisal

If you’re in the market for a newer vehicle, one of the first things you must decide is what you’re going to do with the one you currently have. While you could certainly sell it on your own, keep in mind that finding potential buyers and scheduling showings will require you to put in quite a bit of time and effort. This is why many people choose to get a car appraisal at the dealership for trade-in value instead.
At Peters Auto Mall, we strive to give customers the best buying and selling experiences possible. When you visit our lot in High Point, NC, you can count on the dedication and expertise of our team to help you reach your goals.

Why Get Your Car Appraisal From Peters Auto Mall?

We work hard to simplify the car appraisal process, so you can turn your vehicle into cash in no time at all. While you might be able to get an estimate of what your car is worth from an online appraisal tool, our on-site appraisers can give you a much more accurate number after inspecting your vehicle in person. Our fast, but detailed process ensures you get the most fair and honest offer.

How Our Car Appraisal Works

You don’t need to make an appointment to bring your car in to Peters Auto Mall for a car appraisal. Simply stop by and one of our trained appraisers will begin the inspection, which typically takes about 20 minutes. During this time, they will look at the year, make, and model of the vehicle, the number of miles driven, and the condition of the windshield, tires, interior, and exterior bodywork. They will also examine the engine and transmission, check for signs of frame and flood damage, and review any special features and aftermarket modifications the car may have.

Once the physical inspection has been completed, the appraiser will read over your car’s history report, research the current market sales trends for your type of vehicle, and analyze all the information they’ve gathered. Then, they will be ready to present you with an offer that’s good for seven days. This means you never have to feel rushed into making a decision.

Benefits of Trading In

There are several benefits to trading your car in rather than selling it privately. The convenience of being able to do everything at once in a single location is just one factor to consider. If you plan on putting your earnings towards your next car, you won’t have to wait until it sells to move forward with your purchase. In addition, in North Carolina, your trade-in value will not be subject to sales tax so you will only have to pay taxes on the remaining balance of your transaction. This can save you a good amount of money on the deal.
When you get your car appraisal done at Peters Auto Mall, you can have peace of mind that your best interests are our top priority. We want nothing more than to see you completely satisfied with the deal you make on your trade-in and new vehicle.