5 Things to Look for When Buying Used Trucks for Sale in NC

used trucks for sale in ncWhen buying a used truck, it’s important to know what you want and need. Buy too little truck and you end up frustrated due to lack of necessary features. Buy too much and you spend more money than you need to on features and accessories that don’t serve your needs. Regardless of your requirements or reasons for buying a used truck, there are five things that you will most likely need to consider. Buying used trucks for sale n NC is easy at Peters! Let the professionals at Peters Auto Mall help you pick out the right used truck for your needs!

Towing Capability for Used Trucks for Sale in NC

You may not plan to tow with your new truck, but you never know. You may need to tow that newly acquired boat to the dock. Or you may need a trailer to move your things cross country to a new home. Whatever the circumstance, it is better to be prepared. Some essential towing equipment includes a hitch, a trailer-brake controller and heavy-duty suspension. When looking for a used truck, make sure it already includes this equipment because it is harder and more expensive to add on later.

Off-Road Accessories

A four-wheel drive truck is made for off-roading. Even if you’re not the off-roading type, preparation is always good. You might have an unexpected desire to tackle that rough terrain or have friends or family that want to be more adventurous. Tow hooks and underbody protection will have you covered. Some modern trucks are already outfitted with these accessories, but they can also be added.


With the large body of a used truck, visibility can be challenging. Having large mirrors on your truck will make it easier to see what is going on around you. Trailering mirrors are a good option and extend out to the side for improved visibility. Towing can add more visibility challenges. With large mirrors, sight lines are improved while towing. Even if you’re not planning to tow, the larger mirrors still improve sight lines while driving and can be folded in for fitting into narrow spaces. If opting for a modern truck, a backup camera will provide even better visibility around the truck.

Rear Seats

You may intend to only have yourself and possibly one other passenger ride in your truck. Unexpected circumstances can increase the number of people you need to transport. If using a truck for work purposes, you may think rear seats are not necessary. Rear seats are a definite plus when you want some extra storage space besides the flatbed. If expense is a consideration, a single-cab truck is the less expensive choice, but not always the best option. When it is time to upgrade, you want the best resale value.  It will be harder to sell a single cab truck when there are so many cab options available.

Side Steps

Truck enthusiasts usually have no problem getting into their vehicle. Other passengers may find it a bit challenging if they are not used to the height. Four-wheel drive trucks are slightly higher than rear-wheel drive trucks to allow for off-roading ground clearance. If you plan to often have passengers, it is a good idea to make sure your used truck has side steps to make getting in easier for your passengers. If your used truck does not have side steps, many aftermarket suppliers have them available.

Check Its Value

Peters always has great deals. However, if you want to check just how good a deal it is, check the truck’s value on Carfax.

Buying Used Trucks for Sale in NC

At Peters Auto Mall, we have a wide selection of used trucks for sale in NC – all have passed a 125-pont inspection. Whether buying one for pleasure or business, our sales staff is here to help you make the right choice for your needs. Stop in today to explore our inventory or to take a test drive.