Used SUV Near Me – Get Your Dream SUV At The Price You Want

used SUV near me

When shopping for an SUV, there are many different aspects to consider. For example, consider your reasons as to why you want a sport utility vehicle. Are you buying one for its towing capabilities? Maybe you need one to haul around heavy equipment? Or, do you simply love a certain brand? Once you know your reasons, you’ll have an easier time choosing an exact model. From there, you’ll be able to choose the dealership. When you want a quality used SUV near me in High Point or Greensboro, visit Peters Auto Mall. Voted the “Best Used Car Dealership in the Triad” by YES! Weekly magazine, they treat every customer like family. So, when you want an affordable car and quality customer service, they’re the dealership for you. Every vehicle must pass a 125-point inspection, before they place it on the lot. You will drive away in a reliable, affordable SUV, when you shop at Peters.

Of course, Peters also offers a complete repair and maintenance department. They are ready to provide the service you need in the future to keep your vehicle in excellent shape.

Used SUV Near Me – Which Are Best for Towing?

One of the reasons many people choose to buy an SUV is due to its towing abilities. However, not every SUV has the same towing capabilities. When shopping, look for the bigger, heavier duty SUVs. Additionally, it also depends on what you want to tow. Boat or trailer? Or possibly a boat on a trailer. Next, calculate the weight. Trailer sizes vary, depending on the type. Campers without gear and supplies range in weight from 3,715 to 7,705 pounds. Meanwhile, boat trailers range from 295 to 1,512 pounds, again, depending on the size.

Different sized boats weigh different amounts and will require different vehicles to tow them. According to BetterBoat, pontoon and sailboats weigh 2,200, deck boats weigh 4,000, and small cabin cruisers weigh 5,500 pounds. In addition, those weights do not include the weight of fuel and batteries.

Basically, you’ll need to decide what it is you want to tow before you can choose your SUV. All SUVs have different towing capabilities, depending on the make and model. So, once you know how much weight you need to tow, you’ll be able to shop for a vehicle with those towing capabilities. Once you see a vehicle you like, simply check the owner’s manual to see if the towing capabilities match your needs. As for sale price, it again depends on what you want. Bigger, sturdier SUVs will cost more than smaller ones. Thus, the more weight it tows the more you can expect to pay.

Experience Great Customer Service

There is no better place to buy a used SUV near me than Peters Auto Mall. After serving the Piedmont Triad area for over 25 years, they rely on customers spreading the word! As soon as you walk in the door, they will treat you like part of the family. Furthermore, they’ve got two convenient locations: High Point and Greensboro. For High Point residents, call 336-434-1600. Or, Greensboro residents can call them at 336-434-1610.