A Used Cars Greensboro Dealer Where You Can Sell Your Car

used cars greensboroTypically, when you think about used car dealers, you think about buying a car, not selling one. Sure, dealers take trade-ins when you buy from them. But not many will buy your old automobile with absolutely no obligation to buy from them. When looking for used cars Greensboro residents trust, choose Peters Auto Mall for buying and selling.

Started in 1993 by Kevin and Angie Peters, we’ve grown into the Piedmont Triad’s number 1 used car dealership. Our mission is to make your car buying and selling experience enjoyable. Customer service is our main focus. As a family-owned, local business, we strive to keep our customers coming back over many generations! We treat everyone like family…if we wouldn’t sell a car to a family member, we won’t sell it to you. From the moment you walk in the door, we strive to make your entire transaction as stress-free as possible. We want to be the car dealer that you turn to when you want to either buy or sell a vehicle.

If you’re planning to buy, we have a large inventory of vehicles including trucks, SUVs, minivans, full-size vans, and cars. Stop by one of our three locations to shop for your next vehicle. Our Greensboro location is conveniently located on West Market Street. In High Point, we’re located at both North and South Main Street.

Moreover, you can also browse our entire vehicle inventory online. See something you like? Let us know and we’ll bring it to your house for a test drive. Additionally, we can handle all the paperwork online. It’s all part of our exceptional car buying experience.

What’s the Best Way to Sell My Car?

Often, when you want to buy a new car, you need to sell your old vehicle first. Many people try to sell it on their own. This involves advertising, meeting with strangers, and some hard negotiations. It can take weeks or months to finally close a deal. You may wonder, is this the best way to sell my car?

Trade-ins are a quicker and easier way to sell your old vehicle. You simply bring your car down to us and we’ll appraise your car. In as little as 15 minutes we’ll present you with an offer. We pay top dollar and give you seven days to think about it. Plus, you can use the value as a down payment on a new vehicle.

But what if you need some quick cash and don’t want to buy a new vehicle? Most dealerships are looking to sell cars. Very few auto dealers actively seek to buy your car. When you’re thinking, what’s the best way to sell my car for its true market value, remember Peters Auto Mall.

It’s easy! Just bring your vehicle down to one of our 3 locations. Remember to bring your title or payoff statement, valid ID for all owners, and maintenance records. Our process is fast and you never need an appointment. If you accept our offer, we’ll give you a check immediately. Best of all, there’s no obligation to buy from us ever! We’ve been in business for over 27 years and built our reputation on fair deals.

How Does Peters Auto Mall Determine the Value When I Want to Sell My Car?

Most people have heard of Kelley Blue Book. Around almost as long as the automobile, this service publishes car values. When you’re planning to buy or sell a car, you can view prices for similarly-equipped vehicles. Thus, you can determine a selling or buying starting price for any automobile.

While Kelley Blue Book is a useful tool for consumers, dealers typically use the Black Book when determining value. Exclusive to dealers, Black Book values represent what dealers are paying at auction for similar vehicles. It’s published weekly to provide dealers with the most up- to-date pricing.

There are a few other pricing guides as well. Edmunds and NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) are two other well-known companies for determining used car prices. Each automobile pricing company uses a different formula so values can vary a bit. While each of these tools is valuable, they cannot replace the appraisal process.

When you bring your car to us, one of our appraisers will thoroughly examine your vehicle. We determine the value based on its:

  • Mileage
  • Condition – Interior and Exterior
  • Features
  • Exterior Color

As a general rule, dealers will value a car with fewer miles higher. An automobile with less mileage typically means less wear and tear and a longer expectant life on key components. On average, Americans drive about 13,500 miles annually. Additionally, we all like a nice-looking vehicle. Thus, a car in good condition will be worth more than one that has a few dents.

Some features on an automobile are must-haves. Accordingly, buyers will pay more to have particular vehicle options. All-wheel drive and certain engine choices result in a higher value. Then, too, certain colors are more popular than others and are in higher demand.

Benefits of Buying a Pre Owned Vehicle

Over the past few years, the SUV has soared in popularity. Towing capacity and a spacious interior help to make it one of America’s favorite vehicles. But, have you priced new SUVs lately? Full-sized SUVs hover around $62,700. While subcompact SUVs are much cheaper, they also have less towing capacity and less legroom.

Why buy brand new when you can get a quality vehicle at a fraction of the price? First, you’ll save thousands on depreciation. Brand new cars depreciate rapidly in the first year while used cars retain more of their value. Then, you’ll also save on governmental fees like sales tax and title transfer fees. Finally, you’ll also save on insurance premiums which are based on your car’s value.

At Peters Auto Mall, we have a large selection of used cars Greensboro residents love including SUVs. Many of them have low mileage, additional safety features, and luxury options. All have our no-haggle pricing which means the price you see is the price you pay. You never have to negotiate with us.

How to Find the Right Vehicle for Your Needs

Some of us like particular models, such as sports cars or sedans. Or, we may require a certain type of vehicle like a truck or van. We may also have a preference for a particular manufacturer. Plus, it’s widely known that some cars are just more reliable and dependable than others.

When searching for a quality pre owned vehicle, it’s important to do your research. Several companies rate the make and model of cars based on many different factors. Two examples are J.D. Power and U.S. News & World Report. Moreover, you can check safety ratings for a particular car through IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) and NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

In addition, you can get a Carfax with the VIN of any automobile. A Carfax report will give you a history of the vehicle including all owners, mileage, maintenance, and accidents. Having a Carfax can help you determine if the car you want is worth purchasing.

On the other hand, if you shop at Peters Auto Mall, you know you’re buying a quality vehicle. That’s because we put all our vehicles through our 125-point inspection. We spend on average, 12 hours per vehicle checking 7 major components. When you buy a car from us, you can drive away worry-free.

Keep an Eye on Your Credit Scores

When making a large purchase, such as an automobile, many consumers will apply for financing. Both traditional banks and automobile dealerships can offer you a car loan. These lenders will review your credit score as part of the approval process.

Although there are over 40 credit reporting agencies in the U.S., Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax dominate the market. These companies collect information relevant to your credit and financial history and issue a score. Lenders then use this score to determine if they will lend money to you.

Your score may vary slightly from each credit reporting agency due to differences in formulas or reporting companies. Additionally, lenders may request either a FICO or VantageScore rating. When you apply for an auto loan, the lender has the option of using whichever scoring model it chooses. Moreover, each lender makes the determination of what constitutes a good score.

These differences between FICO and VantageScore ratings may result in vastly different results. For example, FICO requires a minimum of 6 months of credit history while VantageScore only requires one. Additionally, VantageScore harshly penalizes late mortgage payments. While FICO penalizes all late payments the same. This is why one lender may turn you down while another approves you.

What Do Most Lenders Consider A Good Credit Score?

Regardless of which model your lender uses, all basic creditworthiness factors apply. Always strive to pay your bills on time. Only apply for credit when you need it. Often, your credit inquiries show up on your report. A lender may deny you if it feels you’re attempting to borrow too much money.

Additionally, strive to pay your balances down. Even if you have excellent credit, lenders may deny you if your balances on existing loans are too high. Moreover, financial institutions examine the amount of debt you currently carry against the amount available to you. This is your credit utilization rate. Overextending yourself with credit is one common reason you’re turned down for financing even if you make on-time payments.

So, what number actually constitutes a good credit score? That depends on whether the lender uses FICO or VantageScore. Typically, a good credit score with FICO is any number above 670. A credit rating between 580-699 is fair while under 580 is poor. When using VantageScore 3.0, a rating above 660 is good. Whereas 601-659 is fair and a score below 600 is poor.

Does this mean you can’t buy a car if you have bad credit? At some dealerships the answer to that question may be yes. But here at Peters Auto Mall, our finance team works with lenders to try to find the best loan payment terms for every customer. For over 25 years, we’ve been helping customers just like you find financing options. We’ll find a car loan for you with a monthly payment you can afford. Currently, we have quality used vehicles with payments starting at just $99 per month. When it’s time to buy your new car, you need to come see us.

Looking for Great Used Cars Greensboro Dealer Has for Sale?

When searching for used cars Greensboro residents trust Peters Auto Mall. Our goal is to make your car-buying experience as stress-free as possible. We mark our huge inventory with our no-haggle pricing so you never have to negotiate. Plus, we have many financing options available and would love to take your trade-in. Read through our reviews and you’ll see why so many people buy cars from us. We are just a short drive from Winston Salem NC and all surrounding areas.

But, buying a car from us is only the beginning of our friendship. We want to take care of your car after the sale. That’s why we have an outstanding service department. From inspection to major repairs, we’re fast, efficient, convenient, and easy. Even if you didn’t purchase a vehicle from us, we’d like you to remember us when you need an auto repair.

If you’re in the market for a quality pre owned car, no one treats you better. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction. Questions? In Greensboro, call us at 336-434-1610 and in High Point the number is 336-434-1600. And remember, if you need some fast, easy cash, we’ll buy your vehicle with absolutely no obligation to buy from us!