Used Cars for Sale Near Me – Where’s the Best Place to Buy?

used cars for sale near meIt would be wonderful if we had plenty of money so that we could always buy a brand-new car. However, buying a brand-new car is not always the best financial decision. Carfax, the vehicle information company, reveals that new cars can lose 10% of their value in the first month alone. In contrast, buying a used car is a better investment because the vehicle has already depreciated. And it’s never been easier to buy a quality used automobile. Fortunately, we now know every car’s history by using the Carfax service. When searching for used cars for sale near me that you can trust, just go to Peters Auto Mall.

Truly, when searching for a dealership that makes used car buying a pleasant experience, shop Peters Auto Mall. Selling cars since 1993, customer service is our top priority. To ensure that you have a quality automobile, each of our vehicles undergoes a 125-point inspection. Together with financing options and our no-haggle pricing, we make used car buying enjoyable.

Top Reasons to Buy a Used Car

There are several good reasons for buying a used car over a new one. Moneycrashers has put together a list that includes the following:

  • Depreciation loss taken by original owner
  • Lower insurance rates
  • Less sales tax
  • Cheaper state registration
  • Vehicle histories make it less risky

Brand new cars depreciate quickly so you can actually lose money on your new car due to depreciation. On the other hand, a used car has already depreciated considerably making it a better buy. Also, insurance rates are lower on a used car. Additionally, there is less sales tax because the purchase price is less and there is lower state vehicle registration fee. Additionally, while years ago you relied on the seller reporting the car’s history, that’s no longer the case. With a vehicle history reporting service like Carfax, you can easily research the car’s entire history.

Besides checking the history and condition of the car, you must also consider the mileage. After all, mileage adds wear and tear on the car. When looking at the mileage of a used car, use the following rule of thumb. On average, Americans drive just under 12,000 miles per year according to AAA. To estimate the average number of miles simply multiply the age of the car by 12,000. Admittedly, having less or more miles does not necessarily make the car a bad purchase. You must consider the overall condition and history of the car as well.

Prices of Used Cars

With online fair purchase price tools like Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds, it’s never been easier to research car prices. Simply input information about the car including mileage and equipment and you’ll receive a value to compare when shopping.

Not sure yet what you want to buy? Browse the inventory at Peters Auto Mall for a large selection of automobiles. We have trucks, SUVs, vans as well as all styles of cars at all prices with our no-haggle pricing. Plus, we can provide you with financing no matter what your credit history. You can obtain pre-approval before you even step on our lot by answering a few questions. Armed with financing, you’ll be ready to shop for your automobile.

Used Cars for Sale Near Me – The Dealership NC Triad Residents Love

Financial experts agree that buying a quality used car is a better investment than buying new.  When you are searching for used cars for sale near me that NC Triad residents trust, shop Peters Auto Mall. Our outstanding customer service focuses on you so that you the best car buying experience ever. Over 1300 positive reviews from clients prove that our dealership is one of the best.

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