Used Car Lots Near Me that Offer Selling, Buying and Financing

used car lots in High PointWhether you’re looking for used car lots near me to sell or buy a vehicle, you’ll find numerous options. Narrowing them down to the best dealership is nearly as important as the car you choose. Furthermore, it’s not just about the car you’re buying or selling. How you buy or sell it matters, too.

Selling Your Car

Typically, one of the first things you wonder when you contemplate selling your car is what is it worth? Obviously, many factors go into that answer. For starters, the age and make of pre-owned cars matter. Additionally, features, vehicle condition and mileage come into play. Combining those elements and developing the best value is a little complicated. Fortunately, Peters Auto Mall does that work for you. Complete our online form; we will send you an estimated appraisal within 48 hours.

From that point, you decide what works best. For instance, choose to sell outright to a private buyer. Or, use your car as a trade-in at a dealership on your next vehicle purchase. If you’re unsure as to which is the better option, weigh a few factors.

First, let’s consider selling your vehicle outright. Initially, it may feel like you’ll get a little more bang for your buck. But, is it really worth it? After all, there may be advertising costs. Even though free online avenues exist, many charge a selling fee on the back-end. Plus, these avenues are often overloaded and it’s hard to get your ad noticed.

Moreover, your personal and financial security matters. Meeting strangers to sell your car isn’t always the safest option. If you do choose that route, please consider these safe practices. Similarly, be aware of potential legal issues. For instance, even if you sign a contract with a one-on-one buyer, they could still come after you in court. Although, this is rare, it does happen in cases when customers feel the vehicle isn’t what they expected.

Trading-In Your Car

Obviously, your second option is trading in your car. Generally, it involves a lot less potential hassle. For example, you don’t face the risk of meeting a stranger and dealing with money issues. Not to mention the hazards of getting into the car with them for a test drive. Likewise, you needn’t worry about clearing and transferring the title of your car. A dealership handles that for you.

More importantly, trading in your car means you borrow less on your new loan. Since the value of your car goes toward your down-payment, your loan shrinks accordingly. Not only does this save interest, it saves out-of-pocket cash as well. Of course, you could still sell your car outright and use the money as down payment. In the end, you simply need to determine which is easiest for you. Either way, Peters Auto Mall is here to help and will offer you a fair price!

Used Car Lots Near Me that Finance

Speaking of loans, that’s another important aspect of financing your dream car. Our finance department will work with you no matter your credit score. Their number one focus is YOU and helping you make the best choice. Better yet, we offer pre-approval so that you know which car best fits your budget. Then, we research our trusted finance sources to provide you the best rates and payment options.

Since arming yourself with knowledge is useful, here are some terms to help you understand the auto financing process.

  • APR – Annual Percentage Rate, the cost of the credit extended to you
  • Down Payment – the total of the value of your trade-in vehicle plus any cash you add
  • Equity – the difference between the payoff balance of your old vehicle and its actual value
  • Finance Charge – the total amount you will have to pay for the loan
  • Retail Installment Contract – your agreement with the seller that states the amount, rate and monthly payment
  • Stipulation – action or documentation necessary to meet the requirements of the transaction
  • Term – the total number of months you will be paying for the loan
  • Total of Payments – the full amount of principal, interest and fees paid by the end of the contract
  • Total Sales Price – the full amount of the transaction including amount financed, down payment and finance charge

Don’t worry if that’s more information than you planned to absorb. Ultimately, that’s why we’re here – to guide you through the entire process.

So, stop looking for used car lots near me and take a look at our extensive inventory. Whether you choose High Point or Greensboro, we have plenty to offer. Now that we have two locations, look under the search screen to view on which lot your dream car awaits! Then, visit us or give us a call at 336-434-0240.