Used Car Dealerships Near Me Residents of the Triad NC Trust

used car dealerships near meNot long ago, keeping a car running past 200,000 miles seemed impossible. However, today vehicles are running past this milestone due to improvements in powertrain technology, rust prevention, and lubricants. With cars lasting much longer, buying a quality used car is a more reliable investment. Yet, finding a reputable used car dealer can be a hassle. When searching for used car dealerships near me residents of the Triad NC trust, shop at Peters Auto Mall.

Kevin and Angie Peters had the idea that used car buying could be enjoyable and opened the business in 1993. Since then, we’ve grown into the largest used car dealership in the Triad while our focus remains on you. We have a large inventory of quality pre-owned automobiles with plenty of financing options to get you behind the wheel. Plus, all our cars have the no-haggle price which means you never have to negotiate the cost.  Finally, we accept trade-ins, making us your one-stop for quality used cars.

What to Look for in a Used Car

In 2018, the US DOT put the average number of miles driven annually by Americans across all age groups at 13,476. So, when shopping for a used car, consider the ratio of miles on the car to the year. For example, to get an estimate an acceptable amount of mileage, multiply 13,476 by the age of the car. Having mileage over this amount does not necessarily make the vehicle a bad buy. Other factors should also influence your decision.

Consumer reports put together some tips when shopping for a used car.

  • Start with a model that has a reliable track record
  • Assess overall body for dents, rust or mismatched panels
  • Check for damp areas in the engine and under the vehicle
  • Have your mechanic give it a diagnostic review

When buying a vehicle from Peters Auto Mall, you won’t need your mechanic to look at it. That’s because every one of our automobiles undergoes a 125-point inspection before we list it. This ensures that you purchase a quality used car.

What About Warranties?

The Federal Trade Commission requires a buyer’s guide on all used vehicles sold by dealers. Posted on the window, it tells whether there is a warranty or service contract available. Sometimes called an extended warranty, a service contract is a promise to perform certain repairs.  There is a difference between the two. A car manufacturer offers a warranty at no charge, whereas a service contract has a fee.

Depending on the age, the vehicle your purchase may still be under the manufacturer’s warranty. These days, some car manufacturer’s powertrain warranties last 5 years/60,000 miles. If the automobile you want to buy is over these milestones, consider a service contract.  If you have any questions about service contracts or warranties, call us today at 336-434-1600. One of our friendly sales staff will be happy to speak to you and answer any questions.

Do Your Research Before You Visit Used Car Dealerships Near Me

It’s always best to do some research on cars and financing before you start to shop. When calculating the price, don’t forget to add in additional fees such as registration fees and highway use tax. Once you have a maximum purchase price, use our financing calculator to figure your monthly payment. Next, go over to our pre-approval page to see your credit score and get pre-approval for a loan.

Now you’re ready to browse our large inventory of quality used cars.

One of the Best Used Car Dealerships Near Me

When it’s time to buy a quality used car, it doesn’t have to be an experience filled with anxiety. Shop at one of the best-used car dealerships near me that residents of the Triad trust, Peters Auto Mall. We have a huge inventory of quality used cars that have all undergone our 125-point inspection. Additionally, our no-haggle price means you never have to negotiate; the price listed is the price you pay. Coupled with plenty of financing options and acceptance of trade-ins, we truly are your one-stop destination for quality pre-owned cars.

So, give us a call at 336-434-1600. One of our friendly sales staff will be happy to answer questions about any of our vehicles. Let us show you how easy it can be to buy a quality used car.