Used Car Dealerships – Advantages over Purchasing from an Individual

used car dealershipsAre you considering buying a used car? If so, you have two main options: buying from used car dealerships or buying privately. Although there are pros and cons to both, most people find it makes more sense to work with a dealership. Let’s look at why you should purchase your next car from a used car dealership like Peters Auto Mall.

Used Car Dealerships Won’t Sell You a Lemon

You may have heard that you are protected by “lemon laws” when you buy a used car. Lemon laws require a seller to disclose anything wrong with a car. Additionally, if you find out that the car won’t pass inspection, lemon laws say you can return it. All sellers, including private individuals and car lots, must follow lemon laws. However, these laws are a lot harder to enforce with private sales. Many sellers will simply try to get away with selling you a lemon!

Here at Peters Auto Mall, we not only follow lemon laws, but we put every car through a 125-point inspection. Before offering any car for sale, we want to make sure that every vehicle on our lot is safe and reliable. Frankly, used car dealerships cannot get away with selling lemons. Our business could not have survived, as it had for over 25 years, if we didn’t sell high-quality used cars. Additionally, at Peters, we take the extra step of providing a Carfax report for every vehicle. You will know the history of the car before you make a purchase.

Keep in mind that when you work with us, you have warranty and service plan options as well. The Peters Auto Mall buying experience gives you peace of mind. With a private sale, you always have to worry that the vehicle is going to break down within days. When buying a car, you don’t want to worry that it is unsafe or unreliable.

We Show the Lowest Price Available on Each of Our Vehicles

Here at Peters Auto Mall, we have a strict, no-haggle price policy. We show you the lowest price available for each vehicle. You don’t have to worry about haggling to get the lowest price!

A Car Lot has a Wide Selection to Save Time When Shopping

When you buy from a used car dealership, you have instant access to dozens, if not hundreds, of makes and models. At our two convenient lots, our car inventory includes everything from small cars to large trucks. Yes, we also sell vans, SUVs, sports cars, and work vehicles. You can stop in and take several vehicles for a test drive. If you aren’t sure what you want, our knowledgeable staff can make recommendations.

With private sellers, you typically only get to see one car. Some owners will not allow you to test drive it. There are security risks on both sides. To see multiple vehicles, you have to make appointments with several different people. You might spend all weekend driving around to look at a few cars. Often, this involves meeting random people on private property. So, safety can be a concern as well.

We’ll Buy Your Current Car

When you buy from a dealership, you also have the advantage of selling your current vehicle at the same time. It’s less of a hassle than trying to sell your vehicle privately and then apply the money toward another car. Anyone who has ever sold anything on Craigslist or Facebook knows how much of a pain it can be! You have to meet with potential buyers who may or may not show up. Plus, you have to wait for them to get the paperwork in order to buy the car.

Trading in your vehicle at the dealership can also help you get a better deal. When you trade in your car, you can quickly put that money toward the down payment on your next car. Since you have a bigger down payment, your monthly payments will be smaller. Of course, this larger down payment can also help you afford a more expensive car. Learn more about trading in your car by clicking here.

If you are ready to start browsing for your next car, click here to search our inventory. We hope to see you at either of our locations soon. Or, call us at 336-434-1610 in Greensboro, or at our High Point location, 336-434-1600.