Used Car Dealers in High Point NC – Easy Financing for all Situations

used car dealerships in High Point NCIf you’re in the market for a used car, Peters Auto Mall can help. We have a huge vehicle inventory and financing options for every situation. Yes, even if you have poor credit or no credit, our financing team can help you get a vehicle loan. We’re used car dealers in High Point NC who will work with you instead of turning you away. Buying your next car should be easy.

How to Get Started

We have a large inventory of pre-owned cars and trucks available at our High Point and Greensboro dealership lots. You can get started by searching our online inventory. However, before you begin your search, you may want to get a sense of how much you can afford. When figuring out how much you can afford, you’ll want to consider three things:

  • First, think about how much you want to spend overall. Remember, this total ticket price doesn’t include interest that you’ll pay with a vehicle loan. Of course, our dealership is committed to helping you get a loan with a great rate.
  • Second, consider your down payment or a trade-in. By paying more money upfront, you’ll be able to afford a more expensive car. With a trade-in (i.e. selling your vehicle to us), you’ll have more money for your down payment. The size of the down payment you need depends on multiple factors. In general, a bigger down payment is required for a more expensive car. We’ll help you understand the Kelley Blue Book value of your car and make you an offer based on it.
  • Lastly, determine how much you can pay per month for a vehicle loan. Remember to also budget for car insurance and other car-related expenses. You want your monthly payment to be affordable.

Receive Pre-approval

If you aren’t sure, we can help. We’ve created an easy form for you to fill out (available from every page on our website) to get pre-approved. With the pre-approval from Peters Auto Mall, you’re under no obligation. Better still, this process doesn’t need your social security number and doesn’t affect your credit score. Simply click the “Get pre-approved instantly” button above to start.

Once you’ve found a car you love, we can help you fill out the paperwork quickly. Our goal is to get you the best loan rates, so you pay less in interest. We work directly with several lenders, including some that will work with you even if you have poor credit. In short: there are options for everyone for both vehicles and loans.

Why We’re the Used Car Dealers in High Point NC That You Can Trust

Here at Peters Auto Mall, it doesn’t matter to us if you have no credit, low credit, or perfect credit. Everyone is a valued customer to us! We were founded in 1993 and take pride in having a friendly sales team. Additionally, we’re knowledgeable about the vehicles we sell and happy to answer every question. When you drive off our lot, you should feel confident that you got the best vehicle for your lifestyle.

Our team is also committed to finding you the best car for your financial situation. With such a large selection, you’ll have plenty of options. Every car within our dealership has gone through a 125-point inspection. So, whether it costs under $3,000 or over $20,000, you’ll drive away in a safe and reliable vehicle. With other used car dealers in High Point NC and surrendering areas, you might not get this peace of mind.

You can learn more about the Peters Auto Mall buying experience and our customer service focus here.

Are you ready to get started looking for your next car, truck, or SUV? Let’s chat about how we can help you. Click here to reach out to one of our representatives. Or, give us a call at 336-434-1600.