Used Car Dealers in Greensboro NC – Now’s the Time to Go Car Shopping

used car dealers in Greensboro NCIn search of a way to spend your tax refund? You may want to think about looking for used car dealers in Greensboro NC to find a newer car! This is especially important if you rely on your auto a lot. You have to be sure it will provide a reliable drive when you turn it on. Now could be the perfect time to trade in your old ride for something much newer and nicer because:

Your Current Car Had a Tough Winter

Winter in the Greensboro area was pretty bad. In addition to all of the snow, we had to deal with freezing rain and extremely low temperatures. All of this harsh weather did a number on your vehicle, whether you realized it or not. Instead of making costly repairs (again), why not get something much more reliable?

The Repair Costs are Out of Control

Speaking of making repairs, if you find yourself visiting a mechanic on a regular basis, this is bad sign. Not only is this a big waste of time, think about how much money is also going to waste. With a newer vehicle, you will not have to worry about things breaking down all the time. When your car is performing properly, you don’t have to worry about a surprise bill for repairs at any moment.

Summer is Coming, Visit Used Car Dealers in Greensboro NC

Moreover, are you planning to take a road trip this summer, perhaps a big family vacation? How sure are you that your current car can handle the responsibility? Long drives in hot temperatures can wreak havoc on a vehicle, and you don’t want your trip to end early. In fact, this is why upgrading to a newer car can give you peace of mind on your travels. Plus, choosing a bigger model allows for more room and comfort on your trip.

Peters Auto Mall – One of the Best Used Car Dealers in Greensboro NC

If you want to find quality pre-owned cars, Peters Auto Mall has what you need. Additionally, our inventory is always full of excellent cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs at the best prices. On top of that, every auto we sell undergoes an extensive 125-point inspection. Also, we offer fair value for trade-ins. Our process for determining this value is comprehensive and involves expert appraisers. Furthermore, we are one of the best-used car dealers in Greensboro NC because we make trading in a vehicle simple. In fact, even before you come to see us, we can give you an estimate for what our offer may be on your trade-in. We also pride ourselves on offering unmatched service to all of our customers.

Peters Auto Mall has been serving the Greensboro area for over 25 years. We focus on our customers’ needs and treat everyone like family. After all, as a local dealer, we want our customers to return and recommend us to family and friends.

Want to come in for a test drive? There is no need to make an appointment. Just visit us at 5101 W Market St. in Greensboro. We are open Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 7 am. For any questions, feel free to call us at 336-434-1610.