Used Car Dealers in Greensboro NC – How Much Is Your Car Worth?

used car dealers in Greensboro NCIf you are hoping to sell your car, we are the used car dealers in Greensboro NC that can help you best. Peters Auto Mall has sold over 20,000 used vehicles. Our customers love our honest and transparent pricing, and we make the appraisal process simple. At our family-owned car dealership in Greensboro, we’ll walk you through the process in as little as 12 minutes. Then, you have seven days to think about it, so you can be sure you are getting the best deal. After all, we’ve been in this area for over 25 years, so we want to keep our customers coming back. We treat everyone like part of our family.

Are you wondering how we determine value? Before you ever step foot on our lot, we can give you a few details about how we appraise your car. The following information can help you determine what your vehicle is worth before you come in for a full appraisal.

Our Appraisal Process – What Sets Us Apart from Other Used Car Dealers in Greensboro NC

First and foremost, we believe in total transparency with our customers. So, we want you to know exactly how we determine the value of your car. We consider several factors, including the following:

  • Make and model
  • Age
  • The age/condition of your tires
  • Damage to the frame
  • Flood damage
  • Cosmetic condition
  • Options, features, and modifications
  • The engine and transmission condition
  • Windshield condition
  • Accidents on the vehicle’s history report

You can sell to us, or you can trade for a vehicle on our lot. Just stop by to browse our online inventory or stop by our lot at 5101 W Market Street. You don’t need an appointment to get a quote for your car or look at our inventory. Other used car dealers in Greensboro NC require you to make a same-day decision. However, we give you a full seven days to consider our offer.

More information about our appraisal process is available here. Additionally, you can fill out this form to receive a free estimated appraisal.

Why to Sell to Us Instead of Selling Privately

If you’re planning to sell your vehicle, you can sell to a dealership like ours or you can sell privately. While selling privately can be an attractive option for some people, it also has disadvantages. We believe that selling to Peters Auto Mall is the best choice. Here’s why:

  • You’ll enjoy a no-risk sale. When you sell privately, you assume legal risks. Even if you sign a contract with the buyer, they could still sue you if the car breaks down later. Although you may win the case, you still have to go through the stress of a lawsuit. Additionally, you’ll have to allow a stranger to test-drive your car. Selling your vehicle to Peters Auto Mall is much safer!
  • We can save time. Because we know your time is valuable, we offer quotes in as little as 12 minutes. To sell privately, you have to figure out value, list your car online, meet with potential buyers, and more. Private sales can also take several months. Our used car dealers in Greensboro NC can buy your car the same day.
  • You could save money. While some people believe that they’ll get more money if they sell privately, this isn’t always the case. To get the full value for your car, you’ll likely have to pay for advertising. With a private sale, you may also have to deal with negotiation tactics that are high-pressure and unfair.

Here at Peters Auto Mall, our customers come back to us again and again. Why? We make the process easy and get you the best deal for your used car. In fact, here’s just one of our 5-star Facebook reviews by a customer named Christie:

“I cannot say enough good things about Darren Whitehead & his team at Peters Auto Mall Greensboro location! These guys worked so hard to help us out and get us in an SUV that we truly liked! This was the best car buying experience that I have ever had! If you are in the market for a vehicle, don’t hesitate; go by Peters Auto Mall!!!”

If you are looking to trade in your vehicle, you can also browse our inventory in person or online. We’ll help you find the best-used car, truck, or SUV for your lifestyle and budget.

Stop by our new lot at 5101 W Market St, Greensboro, NC 27409 today or call us at 336-434-0240.