Tips to Getting a Higher Used Car Appraisal

used car appraisalGetting a used car appraisal?  Your car has served you well, but now it is time to sell or trade-in. Your goal is to get the highest appraised value as possible for your vehicle. There are many factors involved in assessing the value of your car. Appraisers consider the make and model, added options, mileage, and condition when determining value. The good news is that you do have some control over the appraised value of your vehicle. Here are a few tips in getting the highest value with a used car appraisal.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance, repairs, and check-ups keep your vehicle in top working order. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule to avoid problems with vehicle operation. Not following regular maintenance can also affect your vehicle’s warranty if problems occur. Some of the recommended maintenance includes oil change, fluid level checks, air filter replacement, and tire checks.

Keep Records

It is a good idea to keep records and receipts of any work performed on your vehicle. This will assure the vehicle buyer that you have maintained your vehicle. A prospective buyer will not have to speculate on possible vehicle problems.

Watch Your Mileage

As mentioned prior, mileage is a large consideration in determining your vehicle value. Too many miles will detract from the value of your used car appraisal. The average mileage per year is 12,500. Driving less than this amount will lessen the depreciation of your vehicle.

Pay Attention to Appearance

The first impression of your vehicle is the most important. A well-kept car can add value. Regularly wash the exterior of your car. Keeping your car clean will help preserve the paint and finish. Avoiding direct sunlight and keeping your car shaded as much as possible will keep the exterior from fading. Any chips, scratches, or dents should be repaired immediately to maintain a nice appearance and avoid rust spots. Keeping the vehicle’s interior clean is also important to your used car appraisal. Avoid eating or drinking inside. Spills and stains on the upholstery or carpet can lower the car value. Smoking in your car can also decrease the value. The smell is absorbed in the upholstery and is hard to remove.

Treat Your Vehicle with Care

Rough handling and road conditions can add to the wear and tear on your vehicle. Also avoid excessive speeding, towing more than recommended, or too much stop and start driving. Accidents also wreak havoc on your vehicle’s value. Be focused when driving and take extra care when in adverse weather or road conditions. When you’re not driving your vehicle, consider storing in a climate-controlled environment. Extreme temperatures can affect the mechanical parts of your car.

Used Car Appraisal Tips

Following these tips will help you gain a larger used car appraisal value. At Peters Auto Mall, we can give you a used car appraisal that can be applied towards a trade-in or paid in cash. We are committed to quality and excellent customer service. If you are looking for the best-appraised value on your vehicle, stop by today. If you are in the market for another car, our High Point used car dealership has a wide inventory of vehicles from which to choose.