Used Car Appraisal at Peters Auto Mall

Used Car AppraisalUsed car appraisal getting you down?  Bring your vehicle to Peters Auto Mall today and find out that trading or selling your car doesn’t have to be a challenge. Get a fair used car appraisal at Peters Auto Mall! At Peters Auto Mall, we can give you a quick and easy used car appraisal to let you know the true value of your car.  What does the appraisal entail? Peters Auto Mall makes the process simple for both trading and selling:

Bring Your Vehicle for a Used Car Appraisal

Any potential buyer wants to see the car to determine if they want to buy it. At Peters Auto Mall, we are no different. Actually seeing your vehicle will help us to determine a

fair value for the car. You can schedule a used car appraisal appointment online or bring your vehicle to one of our locations. All of the appraisals are performed by skilled and experienced staff professionals.

Receive a Written Offer

Our offers are written so you have the documentation needed to make an informed decision. Furthermore, we base our offers on a test drive and inspection of your vehicle. Our used car appraisal assesses several aspects of your car’s condition. In addition to considering the year, make and model, we look at the amount of mileage and the interior and exterior condition of your vehicle. We evaluate the options, features, and modifications on your car as well as condition of the engine, transmission, tires, and windshield. Based on this information and a vehicle history report, we are able to determine a reasonable and fair value for your car. Although some used car dealerships balk at buying or taking as trade-ins older or damaged cars, Peters Auto Mall does not.

We accept all makes and models despite the condition or mileage. Once you have your written offer, it is up to you to decide how you want to proceed. No pressure from our sales team. The written offers on a used car appraisal are valid for seven days.

Complete the Sale or Trade

Once you’ve made the decision to sell or trade in your car, make sure you have the items needed to complete your transaction. This includes your driver’s license, valid current vehicle registration, the title or payoff information for your car, and all car keys and remotes. You will receive top dollar or trade-in value from Peters Auto Mall.

Peruse our Inventory After Your Used Car Appraisal

Peters Auto Mall has an extensive inventory of used cars to fit your needs. Browse a variety of makes and models, from subcompact vehicles to crossover SUVs. All of our used vehicles are checked for quality and safety before they are offered for sale on our lot. Our 125-point inspection will give any car buyer peace of mind when driving their purchase from our dealership. We check a vehicle’s engine, transmission, the steering, cooling, electrical, and braking systems and more.

At Peters Auto Mall, we are committed to quality and excellent customer service. Looking for the best deals on the value of your vehicle? Stop by today for a used car appraisal. If you are in the market for another car, our High Point used car dealership is the place to find your next car.