Trucks for Sale Greensboro NC – We Have Your Answers

trucks for sale Greensboro NCGood news! Since your search for trucks for sale Greensboro NC brought you to us, we’d like to share a little fun. And, we shall test your trivia skills a bit. Plus, arming yourself with information helps select the best truck for you. Try answering these questions without peeking below!

  1. What is the most popular truck color?
  2. Which vehicle colors have the best resale?
  3. Are there car colors that are easiest to keep clean?

We are Your Best Resource

Before you begin peeking at the answers, let us share with you why Peters Auto Mall is your best resource. To begin with, we have twenty-five years of experience answering nearly any question that you can imagine.

Additionally, we are a family-owned business and treat you as if you are one of us. Because you ARE. So, why does that matter? It matters because we understand that buying a vehicle isn’t just a business transaction. We guide you through all of the purchasing steps with care, insight, and enthusiasm. Ultimately, we want to form relationships, not just add another sale.

Peters Auto Mall has the Answers to Your Questions!

As we know, you aren’t simply choosing the best color in a vehicle, you need to find the best truck. But, it’s still fun to have your questions answered.

First, what is the most popular truck color? By a small margin of 30%, it’s white. Gray and silver come in a close 25%.

Second, which vehicle colors have the best resale? If you answered black, white or silver, you are spot on. Don’t worry if you want a funky color. Resale value alone shouldn’t stop you from choosing your ultimate ride!

Third, what car colors are easiest to keep clean? Lighter colors show scratches and dents less than darker. However, that doesn’t need to be a deal-breaker. If you’re not prone to bumping into mailboxes, then you have nothing to worry about!

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