Truck Chevy for Sale – Where to Get a Great Deal

Truck Chevy for SaleTrucks are known for their toughness and versatility as well as their cargo-hauling capacity.  While more expensive than cars, manufacturers build trucks to last while working hard. With quality pre-owned trucks retaining much of their value, you may want to save money and buy used. Notably, trucks made by Chevrolet have been helping people get things done for over 100 years. From the versatility of Colorado to the powerful Silverado, there’s a Chevy truck for you. When searching for a truck Chevy for sale at a good price, consider Peters Auto Mall.

In 1993 Kevin and Angie Peters had a vision, to make used car buying an enjoyable experience. To this day, Peters Auto Mall remains true to their vision, with customer service focused on you. With a huge inventory of vehicles including pickup trucks, all of our vehicles have our no-haggle pricing. Plus, we have plenty of financing options, accept trade-ins and have a premier service department.

Shopping for a Used Truck

While some things are similar to car shopping, there are other things to consider when looking for a truck. Edmunds put together a list of truck-specific variations to consider:

  • Size: compact, mid-size or full size
  • Engine size
  • Cab/bed size
  • Extra state fees

Generally, there are 3 sizes of pickup trucks: compact, mid-size and full size. Think about how you plan to use the truck to decide on the size.  If you plan on hauling heavy cargo or towing a heavy trailer, go with the full size. Moreover, your engine size will also depend on how you plan on using the truck. Usually, this choice is a balance between fuel efficiency or power. Again, if you plan on hauling heavy loads, you’ll need more power.

Typically, cab and bed size are related as well. There are several sizes for cabs from the single row standard to the double row crew cab. Keep in mind that the cab size may affect the bed size.  Larger size cabs may take away length from the bed size. As cab and bed size vary by manufacturer and model, be sure to research this feature before buying. Be sure that your chosen vehicle accommodates your requirements.

Finally, choosing a larger truck might require a special license or entail extra fees in some states. Some municipalities consider any type of pickup truck a commercial vehicle requiring an additional expense. Check with your state’s motor vehicle department before you buy.

Truck Chevy for Sale – The Best Place to Buy

Manufacturers build trucks to last longer than most other cars on the road. And if you’ve got a tough job to do, there’s a Chevy truck that’s ready to do it. When looking for a truck Chevy for sale priced right, shop Peters Auto Mall. With customer service that’s completely focused on you, we’ll make sure you are 100% completely satisfied. We offer one-stop shopping with a huge inventory of quality pre-owned vehicles, financing options, and acceptance of trade-ins.

So, give us a call at 336-434-1600 and one of our staff will be happy to answer all your questions. Let us show you how enjoyable buying a used truck can be. Visit us in either location – High Point or Greensboro.