Thinking Used Cars Greensboro Residents Choose Peters!

used cars greensboroIf you’re on the hunt for great used cars Greensboro, look no further! Check out Peters Auto Mall at our convenient location in High Point. Our location makes it easy for all Piedmont Triad residents to take advantage of our deals. We offer a fantastic selection of used cars, all at an unbeatable, no-hassle Peters price!

Used Cars Greensboro – Why Peters?

Peters Auto Mall has over 20 years of experience. We know all the ins and outs of used vehicles. Our expertise is what has earned us the reputation of best used car dealer in the Triad. If it’s a great used car you’re looking for, Peters has it all. Maybe you’re looking for a stylish, classic vehicle. How about a great 2015 Volkswagen Beetle? The Beetle has been loved for generations for its performance and its looks. It could be yours for our low Peters price of only $13,888!

Form or function? Why not both!

Like to live life on the flashier side of things? Think about a 2013 Cadillac XTS. A Bose sound system is only part of what makes this showy car great. It comes complete with only 70,701 miles and a price that can’t be duplicated—$19,888!

Family is first at Peters

In need of something family-friendly? Stick with a reliable name like Ford. Known for their reliability, Fords have been getting families moving for over 100 years.  Well, that’s something the whole family can be excited about! Perhaps you’re looking for a great car for a first-time driver. Honda is a name you can trust. Fulfilling any need on any budget, trust Peters to help you find your next used vehicle. Trust the.m with your used cars Greensboro needs.

Don’t spend more than you need to on a new car!

The appeal of a new car is undeniable. A vehicle that has only belonged to you can be difficult to resist. However, there are drawbacks. A new car’s value depreciates as soon as it leaves the lot. This means you have already lost a significant amount of money in only the first few minutes of ownership. Instead of accepting this, buy used! A used vehicle comes with the standard equipment that it would have new.  Come in and let Peters show you why used is the way to go!

Our mission: the best cars at the most affordable prices on used cars Greensboro

At Peters, our priority is getting you the best car for your budget and your lifestyle. New and experienced drivers in the Greensboro area have a big thing in common. Nobody wants to spend more than they have to on a vehicle. That’s where we come in. Our low prices on high quality used vehicles take the stress out of car searching. So, why are you still waiting? Come to Peters Auto Mall in High Point to find out why when it comes to used cars Greensboro residents choose Peters!

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