The Right SUV For Sale in NC – Find it at Peters Auto Mall!

SUV for sale in NC

Choosing the right SUV for sale in NC will depend on your priorities, needs and wants. These include the features you want, the size of your family, how much storage space you require and your budget. Peters Auto Mall maintains a large vehicle inventory and staff who care. In addition, they perform a 125-point inspection on every vehicle and offer no-haggle pricing. Now, you just have to determine which vehicle is right for you and your family.

Test Drive an SUV for Sale in NC at Peters

Test-driving an SUV is a smart decision. After all, you will most likely have this vehicle for the next few years. With this in mind, it would be a shame to purchase a vehicle and later discover it doesn’t drive well. Prior to your test drive, do some research so you have an idea of what you are looking for. In other words, look at Peters Auto Mall’s inventory and note which cars spark your interest. Prior to your arrival, have your driver’s license and auto insurance handy. In order to test drive a vehicle, the dealer will need to hold and or make a copy of these. During the test drive, pay attention to these items:

  • How does the vehicle sound when it starts?
  • Are the gauges working properly?
  • Do you notice any warning lights on?
  • Does the car feel comfortable when sitting in it? Check the legroom, your view, etc.
  • Do the brakes feel sticky or loose?
  • Are there any grinding sounds or unusual noises?
  • When you turn on the air and radio, are they working properly?
  • In what manner does the car handle turns?
  • Are there any blind spots?

Developing and taking a checklist with you will keep your thoughts focused and ultimately, ensure you have reviewed every important item. Once you have found an SUV in Peter’s inventory you are interested in, click on it. Then, click on ‘Schedule Test Drive.’

Check Out the Vehicle Features

Next, what features are you looking for in your vehicle? Technology has evolved tremendously; as a result, many neat features are now standard. Between driver-assisted features and heated seats, your SUV can be both comfortable and safe. But what features do you need and which ones allow you to stay within your budget? Probably one of the most important features to consider is fuel economy. Typically, smaller and mid-size SUVs have better fuel economy. As far as technology and entertainment features, consider Bluetooth and Android Auto/Apple CarPlay options. Additional technology features include:

  • Speakers and audio systems
  • Rear-seat entertainment (great for kids)
  • Outputs for mobile devices (USB and video input ports)
  • Satellite or HD radio
  • Navigation systems
  • Telematic systems
  • Back-up cameras

Also, if a car doesn’t have a feature you want, ask your dealer if they can add it. If it is something like the navigation system, the dealer can sometimes add it onto a vehicle.

Determine Which Size SUV You Require

SUVs come in small, medium and large sizes. Which size SUV is right for you and your family? Smaller SUVs offer more amenities and better fuel economy at a lower price. But, if you have a big family or haul a lot of gear, you may require a larger vehicle. Many mid-sized SUVs offer a great balance between fuel economy and power. A larger SUV will be spacious and powerful, but they can also cost more to maintain. However, if it’s extra seating you need, a larger vehicle may be for you.

Establish a Budget

Set a budget to guide your search and avoid any surprises. SUVs can range from affordable to luxury, so there are plenty of options. Typically, smaller SUVs start from $15,000 and up to around $45,000 for larger SUVs. Notably, Peters Auto Mall offers affordable finance options. You can get an estimate on monthly payments with their auto loan calculator. Their no-cost pre-approval process is simple and does not affect your credit score. Plus, you can see your results instantly.

Safety and ADAS Features

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) detect objects and alert the driver of hazards. For example, blind-spot monitoring and lane assistance. These features alert the driver when there is something in their blind spot or when the car is drifting out of the lane respectively. Additional safety features include:

  • Airbags
  • Child locks
  • Forward-collision warning
  • Automatic emergency braking
  • 360-degree view
  • Back-up camera

When you are ready to find a SUV for sale in NC, visit Peters Auto Mall or call 336-434-1600 today.