​The Perfect Cars for College Students

cars for college studentsIf your son or daughter will be graduating from high school next semester, you must be very proud. And if they will be headed to college in the fall, you are probably thrilled, if not a little sad to see them go. Now is the time to start thinking about logistics. Will your scholar be commuting to school? If he or she had been borrowing your car to get around town, most likely that will not work any longer. The same is true if the college is further away and they will be living on or off campus. They are going to need their own vehicle, and this means you have to start looking for the right cars for college students. And while there are many to choose from, you may want to begin by looking at these five models:

Honda CR-V

Honda makes great cars for college students, especially the CR-V. In addition to being reliable, the CR-V is very roomy, which will come in handy for road trips or perhaps when going to visit mom and dad. CR-Vs also retain their value very well, as long as they are maintained properly.

Toyota Prius

Because college students notoriously never have a ton of funds on hand, the Prius is an excellent choice. With an EPA-estimated 46 mpg, not a lot of money will have to be spent filling up on gas. Although not a big car, with its hatchback cabin, the Prius has a spacious interior.

Kia Soul

Not only is the Kia Soul a stylish auto, even the basic models come with several tech features, which makes it one of the top cars for college students. These include satellite radio and inputs for a smartphone. Kia also offers a warranty that is typically one of the best in the industry.

Honda Fit

Another Honda that has to be included on a list of great cars for college students is the Fit. You may not be able to tell by looking at it, but the Fit actually has quite a bit of interior space, which will come in handy when moving in or out of the dorm or taking friends for a night out. The Fit is also outstanding for fuel economy as well as reliability.

Chrysler 200

Parents of course want their kids to be as safe as possible, particularly when out on the road, and this is why the 200 from Chrysler should be considered when shopping for cars for college students because it has top safety ratings. There is also an excellent sound system and a large trunk.

The Perfect Cars for College Students

Any of these vehicles would make great cars for college students. And the best part is that you do not necessarily need to buy one that is brand new. At Peters Auto Mall, we have an assortment of quality used cars that are safe and reliable. Come on down and check out our selection of exceptional cars for college students to find the perfect match.