The Best SUV under $20,000 is at Peters Auto Mall

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The concept of the modern SUV was first introduced to the automobile market in the 1920s. Ever since SUVs have been a popular choice for many consumers. They provide a good balance of attractive and functional qualities that fall somewhere in between trucks and minivans. However, their higher price tag often eliminates them as an option for many car buyers when they’re new. Fortunately, if you are specifically looking for the best SUV under $20,000 there is a broad selection to choose from. At Peters Auto Mall, they will give you the opportunity to capitalize on a great deal.

Peters Auto Mall Can Fulfill Your Request for the Best Used SUV Under $20,000

At Peters Auto Mall, we understand the need to work within a specific budget. Furthermore, we are committed to helping customers satisfy their desires while sticking to their financial plan. This is why we offer a large inventory with numerous possibilities for finding the best used SUV under $20,000. Despite the cheaper cost, you can buy any of these vehicles with the peace of mind that they have gone through a rigorous 125-point inspection to ensure they are up to the challenge of providing a reliable form of transportation.

Benefits of Buying an SUV

Whether you have a large family, need more cargo space, want better-towing capabilities, or all of the above, there are many reasons to consider buying an SUV.

  • Extra seating capacity: Seating capacity is one of the biggest advantages SUVs provide. They can accommodate many people comfortably and are the ideal solution for families.
  • Bigger storage area: More storage is also a major bonus. There’s no more worrying about how you’re going to get everyone’s luggage in the car, or all your grocery bags, or sizeable sports equipment.
  • Better visibility: Drivers sit up higher in SUVs, which provides greater visibility of the roadway. From this vantage point, it becomes easier to see what’s going on ahead and will help you avoid becoming part of an unsafe situation.
  • Increased towing ability: With an SUV, you will have the ability to tow other vehicles, boats, trailers, and many other things an average car doesn’t have the capability to haul. This gives you more versatility in function.
  • Additional horsepower: SUVs have more horsepower than sedans, making it easier to haul loads up and downhill and navigate rough terrain.

When you shop at Peters Auto Mall for the best used SUV under $20,000, you will be given more options than anywhere else in the Piedmont Triad area. Plus, you’ll also be getting exceptional customer service.