The Best SUV for the Money is at Peters Auto Mall

best suv for the money

Sports utility vehicles are great for a number of reasons. The storage capacity, passenger space, and gas mileage can’t be beaten, just to name a few. At Peters Auto Mall, we’ve spent nearly 25 years perfecting the art of used vehicles. What we’re saying is, we know SUVs! With dozens of makes, models and years available for unbeatable, no-hassle Peters prices, the best SUV for the money is at Peters Auto Mall!

Don’t shop new when you can shop used!

For many, the temptation to shop for a brand new vehicle can be hard to ignore. There is a certain satisfaction in sitting in a new, just-off-the-lot vehicle. However, the cons of buying new definitely outweigh the pros. The biggest con of all is that once you drive off the lot in your new car, the value immediately depreciates. Basically, thousands of dollars are lost the moment you leave the dealership. Once that new car smell wears off, you’re left with a used car! So skip this middle man and waste of money and come to Peters Auto Mall! Save time and money when you find a great deal on the SUV of your dreams.

Peters Auto Mall Carries the Best SUV for the Money

Peters is proud to offer an outstanding variety of hand-selected and inspected vehicles. We are proud to offer each of our valued customers the chance to own a high-quality vehicle for a price that fits any budget. If you’re looking for a new family car, don’t waste time at other dealerships! Stop in at Peters, where we’ve worked hard to earn the title of #1 dealership in the Triad. After 20 years of being in the used car business, you can trust us when we say Peters is the best in town! When looking for the best SUV for the money, skip the other guys and come on to Peters Auto Mall. We’ll see you soon!

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