A ​Peters Auto Mall Car Buyer’s Guide

car buyer's guide

In need of a 2017 car buyer’s guide? We can help! At Peters Auto Mall, our expert staff can help you with every step of the car buying process. Don’t just take our word for it—our numbers don’t lie! We have over 20 years of experience making us the most trusted used car dealership in the Triad. We are the leader in service and prices, trust us to help with all your buying and selling needs.

The first step to Peters’ Car Buyer’s Guide is determining what is right for you

Consider what size vehicle is right for you or your family. Something compact to run errands on the weekend, or something large, with lots of space to get the kids to and from school? Are you buying a car for a first-time driver, who would prefer a bulky, medium-sized car in which they feel safe? Consider the needs of your household and choose a car that accommodates them effortlessly. Then, you can start considering your price range.

Vehicle prices average by size

If you want a new small to mid-sized car, you may want to allow yourself a budget of about $25,000. From there, the prices rise based on size and make. For example, buying a new minivan to fit the whole family will run about $32,000. If you’re looking for a new work truck, you may want to keep your mindset closer to the lower $40,000 range. If you want something new, mid-size and categorized as a luxury vehicle, you may be looking at a price closer to the upper $50,000s. Considering your needs and your budget is the first step to buying a new car. Don’t pay more than you can reasonably afford to, but don’t sacrifice the quality and space you need. At Peters, our prices are significantly lower than those of a new car lot. However, this doesn’t mean lower quality. Find a dealership who will work with you to meet all budget and household needs. Style, practicality, and affordability meet at Peters Auto Mall.

A car buyer’s guide – Don’t lose money buying new

In today’s day and age, it is not always wise to buy a new car off the lot. The reason for this is that a new car’s value depreciates as soon as it drives out of the dealership. This, essentially, means you’ve just lost several thousand dollars just by driving your new car. Why waste those thousands when you could invest elsewhere? When you buy used, you don’t sacrifice quality. Many of our vehicles are current, practically new models. All standard safety features and crash test standards are met by a used vehicle just as well as a new one.

Don’t be fooled by other used car dealerships

There are definitely dealerships out there who will gouge prices for low-quality vehicles. Not releasing a vehicle’s full history report is another tactic. You deserve to know exactly what you’re buying. At Peters Auto Mall, we carefully inspect any car that shows up on our lot. Every vehicle goes through a 125-point inspection. Full reports on any damage the vehicle has endured are available to you. At Peters, we want you to be an informed buyer. We believe you shouldn’t have to hunt to find a car buyer’s guide on our website. Our vehicle selection and prices are tailored to fit any budget. Don’t risk settling for less or paying for damage you weren’t aware of! Take the stress out of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle by choosing service you can trust. When you decide you’re ready to purchase your next vehicle, come on by. At Peters, we’re always ready to help!