Peters Auto Mall Car Buyer’s Guide

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Find the Best Deal with Our Car Buyer’s Guide

Buying a new car is one of the biggest decisions you can make. Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, it’s important to feel confident and know what you’re getting into. At Peters Auto Mall, we aim to take the confusion out of buying a car. We make it as easy and affordable as possible to drive away in a new vehicle all your own! The first step to responsible car buying is to follow a simple car buyer’s guide. Peters has done the work for you, now all that’s left is finding the car of your dreams! Follow these easy instructions to get informed and get started!

Step one: Determine a budget

Look at your monthly bills, bank statements, personal expenses, etc. Once you’ve determined a realistic number, how much leftover wiggle room do you have in your budget? Determining this is a vital step in the car buying process. Make certain that you feel sure of your price range before committing to a vehicle with monthly payments!

Step two: Decide what vehicle is right for you

Now that you’ve decided how much you can spend, the fun part can begin! Do you see yourself in a car, a truck, or an SUV? Whatever your answer, it’s time to narrow down your options! Start by checking out our website at, or simply stop by to check out our huge range of vehicles for any budget! You can narrow down your search by make, model, year or price on our website. At Peters, getting you the best vehicle for your budget is our top priority. If you want to do a trade-in on your current vehicle, this is the time to contact us about that process, as well. Not so bad, right?

Step three: Contact the seller for viewing, test driving, and car history reports

Now that you’re ready to stop by and see your ideal vehicle in person, it’s time to schedule a thorough viewing and test drive! Make sure that the car is as perfect in person as you want it to be, and that it drives in a way that suits you! This is the real fun part. Check out every inch of your potential new vehicle for any flaws or characteristics you may not find desirable. Really get a feel for how it handles by taking it out on the road. While you’re at Peters, make sure to ask for a detailed car history to make sure there are no hidden problems under the hood. Once you’ve determined it’s the right vehicle for you, there is only one step left!

Step four: Determine a price, seal the deal and finish the car buyer’s guide

At Peters Auto Mall, our prices are guaranteed to be the best around for the quality of used vehicles that we carry. Since you’ve already determined your budget, this part should be easy! All we need are a few legal documents and some signatures, and the keys are yours! Driveaway happy in your new, pre-owned vehicle. Next time someone asks you where to find the best-used vehicles in the Triad, you’ll know to tell them Peters Auto Mall!