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used trucks for sale greensboro ncMost historians consider the Ford Model TT the first pickup truck manufactured in America. Originally marketed to farmers, the pickup truck made crop and supply transportation quicker and easier. In rural America where extra money was scarce, the pickup also served as the family car. During the demographic shift of the 1950s, people moved to more urbanized areas, taking the pickup truck with them. Rising metropolitan incomes also increased the popularity of activities requiring the use of heavy-duty vehicles. Consumers needed strong trucks for moving their RVs and boats, so their popularity soared. Prices of new trucks have also soared in recent years; thus, many buyers turn to the used car market. You can find a great selection of used trucks for sale Greensboro NC has to offer at Peters Auto Mall. As a local, family-owned business, we want you to become part of the Peters family of satisfied customers. The goal of our dealership has always been to focus on you; therefore, our customer service is superb. We will never sell you a vehicle just because we want to make a sale. The important thing for us is to sell you the car that makes you drive away happy – one that fits your budget and your needs.

Why It Makes Sense to Buy a Used Vehicle

The price of brand-new trucks continues to surge, pushing many consumers out of this market. In 2019, the average price for a full-size pickup was over $50,000. However, you can save yourself thousands of dollars by buying a quality used truck.

Automobiles and trucks both suffer from depreciation, the loss in value as we use our vehicle. By the end of the first year, your new car will be worth 20% less than what you paid. And after 3 years, it is worth roughly 50% of the original purchase price. Although trucks do hold their value better than cars, the person who purchases a brand-new truck incurs the largest drop in price due to depreciation. After the first year, the truck doesn’t lose value as quickly. Trucks hold their value because they simply are built to perform heavy-duty tasks and they have a longer life than a car.

Moreover, according to iSeeCars, pickup trucks top the list of the longest-lasting vehicles. Typically, manufacturers build trucks to meet commercial demands. Therefore, modern pickups have better systems to withstand wear and tear. Thus, with the proper maintenance, trucks can last to 300,000 miles or more.

Finally, other fees associated with buying a used vehicle based on the sales price are lower too. In North Carolina, consumers pay a 3% highway use tax and an annual vehicle property tax. The DMV assesses both fees based on the automobile’s value. Likewise, your truck’s value is the primary factor your insurance company considers when determining your rates. All this adds up to a tremendous amount of savings to you.

What Options Should You Look for in a Pickup?

Just as with buying a car, there are a lot of different options to choose from when purchasing a truck. Before you even start looking at pickups, decide how you plan to use it. If you’re planning to carry large loads or pull a heavy trailer, you’ll need a heavy-duty truck. While if you’ll be using it for personal needs around town, you probably want a light-duty pickup.

Set by the guidelines of US DOT, the weight of the truck puts it into the light or heavy-duty classification. Its classification also indicates the towing and hauling capacity of the vehicle. For example, light-duty trucks have a payload capacity of about 3,000 pounds. Typically, the towing ability is about 12,000 pounds. Whereas the payload range for heavy-duty trucks is about 6,500 pounds with a towing capacity of about 20,000 pounds.

It’s important to select the right pickup truck for your needs. While heavy-duty trucks are powerful machines designed to haul and tow heavy payloads, they’re also less fuel-efficient. They’re also harder to maneuver and park. Carefully considering your needs will help you to choose the best pickup for you.

Which is Better, a Diesel or Gasoline Engine?

Pickup trucks are available with either a gasoline or diesel engine. For some truck owners, it’s an easy choice. Diesel engines provide extra torque for towing and hauling. Typically, a truck with a diesel engine can pull more weight than a gasoline engine. Additionally, diesel engines are more fuel-efficient. Vehicles with diesel engines can go about 20% to 35% farther on a gallon of fuel than their gasoline counterparts. Furthermore, due to its overall design, diesel engines outlast their gasoline counterparts by a large margin.

However, trucks with diesel engines are more expensive. Additionally, diesel fuel costs more than gasoline. And while diesel engines generally last longer, they’re also more expensive to maintain and repair than gasoline engines. Consider your needs and the pros and cons of each engine when making your choice.

What about Axle Ratio Options?

For many truck drivers, the standard axle ratio provides the best mix of performance, strength, and efficiency. When shopping for your truck, how you plan on using your vehicle is important in deciding your axle ratio. Axle ratio helps determine the towing capacity, torque, and fuel economy of the truck.

If you plan to do a lot of highway driving, the standard axle ratio gives you the best fuel economy. But, if you plan on doing a lot of towing, you’ll want a higher numeric axle ratio. As the numerical ratio increases, the towing capacity also increases. However, at the same time the truck’s fuel efficiency goes down. For example, a pickup with a 3.73 axle ratio can tow a heavier load than a 3.21. Yet, the 3.73 axle ratio pickup will use more fuel during all driving situations.

Which Cab Size Is Right for You?

Most truck manufacturers make 3 or 4 different cab sizes, standard, extended, double, and crew. The number of doors, length of the door, and hinge placement define the cab classification. However, manufacturers use different terms to describe the cab classifications, so it can get a bit confusing.

The standard cab has 2 doors and a single row of seats. Depending on whether the cab has bucket or bench seat, this truck accommodates 2 or 3 people. Generally, there is no space behind the seats for storage.

Extended cabs and double cabs are similar in size. Rear doors are smaller than the front doors and may have front or rear hinges depending on the manufacturer. Seating in the back can be a bench seat or foldable seating. Although both cabs may seat up to 6 people, there isn’t much legroom.

Manufacturers use several names to describe the largest size cab, the crew cab. This is the most popular truck configuration, so it’s easy to find them in the used car market. Crew cabs have two full-size rear doors and two full rows of seating. One main difference between a double cab and a crew cab is the extra room in the backseat. The crew cab has more headroom and legroom.

Options for Bed Sizes

Generally, the bed size and cab size are dependent on one another. Typically, the length of most pickup trucks is about 17 feet. Thus, if you opt for a larger cab, you have to settle for a smaller bed size. Likewise, if you want a longer bed size, you need a smaller cab size. While the current trend is towards larger trucks, bigger pickups can be harder to maneuver and park.

Bed sizes may also vary slightly among manufacturers. Generally, bed sizes are available in short, 5’8”, standard, 6’5”, and long, 8’. If you routinely haul large heavy equipment, consider the larger bed. While if you’ll be carrying smaller payloads, consider the smaller bed.

Financing Options with You in Mind

Often, obtaining financing is an important step in any vehicle’s buying process. Cars and trucks are expensive and most of us need a loan to buy a vehicle. Having financing in place before you start looking is advantageous. Primarily, you’ll know how much you can afford. Pre-approval also gives your greater flexibility in choosing your financing partner and some negotiating power.

For over 25 years, our financing team at Peters Auto Mall has been helping customers find financing options within their budgets. We use only trusted lenders to discover the best rates for you with monthly payments you can afford. Our pre-approval process is fast and easy. Plus, there’s never any obligation. Best of all, we can find financing for everyone. Even if your credit score is low, we can find financing options for you.

Research is Your Friend

When buying a used car, there are many research tools to help you make a good choice. Several organizations rate and review used vehicles making used car or truck-buying easy. US News & World Report considers many factors including safety, reliability, and performance from experts and third-party providers.

Additionally, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) routinely conducts crash and rollover tests. The results of these tests are available to consumers to help them make informed choices. Another great place to check a vehicle’s safety rating is the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) This non-profit organization publishes insurance loss statistics by make and model of the vehicle.

Don’t Forget the Vehicle History Report

In 1981, the US DOT required all new automobiles to have a unique 17-character vehicle identification number (VIN). Manufacturers assign each vehicle a unique VIN which tells a variety of information about the car. Additionally, government agencies, service centers, and insurance companies all record events in the life of the car in a database. Thus, these organizations record every transfer of title, maintenance, and accidents of each automobile.

Collecting all this data, vehicle history reports provide valuable information on every car manufactured after 1981. Therefore, before you buy a used car or used truck you can get an accurate picture of its history. Vehicle history reports tell you the number of owners, accident history, mileage, and servicing of the automobile.

The two primary vehicle history reporting companies are Carfax and AutoCheck. Both companies provide extensive VIN check reports for a fee. However, we will give one for free for any car in which you’re interested.

Shop the Best Used Trucks for Sale Greensboro NC Has to Offer

Buying a new truck can be an exciting time. But you can also have anxiety over financing. When searching for used trucks for sale Greensboro NC has to offer with great financing options, choose Peters Auto Mall. We’re a family-owned business started by Kevin and Angie Peters in 1993. Our mission continues today, to make used car and truck-buying an enjoyable experience.

We’ve got 3 large lots filled with cars, SUVs, vans and of course trucks. Whether you need a Ford F-150 series, Chevrolet Silverado, or another make or model, we’re sure to have it. Browse our online inventory. When you see the one you want, click the green button on the right to schedule a test drive. Then, when you come down to visit us, we’ll have your truck ready and waiting for you.

At Peters Auto Mall, you’re assured of a quality vehicle. That’s because we put each automobile through our 125-point inspection. We spend an average of 12 hours per vehicle examining your automobile ensuring its safety, reliability, and performance. Plus, we have an outstanding service department to keep your car running smoothly after the sale.

So, give us a call in Greensboro at 336-434-1610 or in High Point at 336-434-1600 to schedule a test drive. Our staff strives to provide the best customer experience.