Lifted Trucks for Sale in High Point, NC

lifted trucks for saleLifted trucks are great for visibility on the road. The driver can usually see above other cars and trucks but also, the truck is more noticeable to on-lookers. Lifted trucks serve multiple purposes such as handling tough work conditions or serious off-roading. Lifting a 4×4 truck protects the body from contact with the ground or objects on the ground. A properly modified and maintained lifted truck provides longevity and reliable performance. If you are looking at lifted trucks for sale, there are a few things to consider.

Types of Lifted Trucks

There are basically two types of lifts, a body or suspension lift. These two types each can reach different heights. A body lift will lift your vehicle about 6 or 7 inches. The wheels and suspension remain at their original height so this option does not provide any additional ground clearance. It does provide a more manageable drive. A suspension lift does provide a higher ground clearance and caters to off-road enthusiasts. Some states have laws limiting lift heights and modifications for vehicles. North Carolina currently has no laws that restrict suspension or body lifts, or frame or bumper height.


When you find lifted trucks for sale, they should have the braking system upgraded from the non-modified version of the vehicle. Since larger wheels are added on a lifted truck, the increased diameter and weight reduces braking power and will increase stopping distance. Also, you can experience premature pad and rotor wear, and decreased braking power when towing, if your braking system is not modified.


While testing out lifted trucks for sale, you will probably find that they exhibit different handling than non-modified trucks. The center of gravity is raised and you’ll often notice a more rigid ride.

Drivers need to exercise caution, particularly when rounding corners. Safety systems are needed to prevent loss of traction and rollover. There are options, such as vehicle stability and electronic stability control to look for when there are lifted trucks for sale. These systems detect over- or under-steering and apply brakes to a front wheel to correct the condition. A steering stabilizer can improve handling and ride quality. Trucks with larger tires tend to experience vibration. The steering stabilizer will help smooth out your truck’s drive.


Larger and wider tires are required on lifted trucks. The larger-sized tires provide better stability with more ground contact than regular tires. The best look comes from the largest fitting wheel/tire combination. You do have to watch for tire rubbing when turning corners. The tires may rub on the bumper or the frame. To avoid rubbing, select a slighter smaller size than the maximum your truck may need. More frequent front end alignments and tire rotations are required for proper tire wear.

Truck drivers that have additional demands for off-roading or rough working conditions will find a lifted truck is a good choice. At Peters Auto Mall, we offer lifted trucks for sale in our wide inventory of vehicles. We offer different makes and models, including the popular truck brands.

Stop by one of our locations and our professional sales staff will show you our vehicles for sale and even take you for a test drive.