Isn’t it Time You Traded in Your Old Car for an Upgrade?

Traded in Your Old CarWith summer nearly upon us, now is the time to start thinking about taking it easy. Perhaps you will spend your days in the park, by the pool, or just lounging around at home. Wait, you aren’t a kid? Forgot all that then. Aside from perhaps taking a little time off for vacation, summer is just like any other season. We still have to get up and go to work, buy groceries, and do anything else necessary to take care of our home and anyone who lives in it. Unless you work at home or nearby and live in an area where many things are within walking distance, you surely rely on your car a lot.

In fact, a car is probably one of the most valuable things you own. But, if you have had it for a while and it is constantly needing maintenance or repairs, it is probably not that valuable anymore. This is why you should think about upgrading your ride to something more reliable. And that does not mean you have to run out and buy a brand new car. You can find the perfect used car that will meet all of your needs. Here are the advantages to buying a used car at Peters Auto Mall:

Traded in Your Old Car for the Right Price

Quite obviously, the biggest benefit to buying used is the price. Depending on what you want, you have the opportunity to save thousands of dollars. And just because a car may have a few miles on it, that does not mean it won’t give you many years of dependability.


When you decide to shop for your vehicle at used car lots in High Point, you will have a much wider variety to choose from. New cars are only considered new if they were released in the last year or so, so any car prior to that is used. Used cars offer a big selection of models, makes, and styles.


Did you know that new cars can lose as much as 40 percent of their value just during their first year? A used car does not immediately lose value when you drive off the lot. Plus, with a new car, you will always be worried about dings, dents, and other wear and tear that is inevitable.

Traded in Your Old Car at the Wrong Dealer? Never Again with Peter!

Sure, there is a lot of information on new cars, but the truth is, because they are new, not a lot of people have driven them yet. This means you will not be able to go online and find many reviews. On the other hand, if you want to know how people like a certain car from, say, five years ago, you will have the chance to read tons more testimonials and other things that have been written about a particular model. This will allow you to make a better, more informed decision.

If you want a great car to fit your lifestyle and budget, come down to Peters Auto Mall. We have one of the premier used car lots in High Point, and we will help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs and your budget.