Greensboro Dealerships – Discover A Stress-Free Experience

greensboro dealershipsFor many shoppers, buying a car is one of the most stressful types of purchases. While the price is important to most consumers, great customer service is even more important. Consumers love companies that work hard to meet their needs and make all transactions seamless and stress-free. In North Carolina, there is a dealership that differentiates itself from others in customer service. Among Greensboro dealerships, Peters Auto Mall stands out.

In 1993, Keven and Angie Peters set out to make the used car experience different for their neighbors in the High Point, Winston Salem and Greensboro area. With a focus on you, we adopted our low no-haggle pricing and 125-point quality inspection. Plus, we offer many different financing options with monthly payments you can afford. Through every interaction, we work hard to make your car-buying experience enjoyable.

Today, with 3 convenient locations, we continue to exceed customers’ expectations. From our huge inventory of quality pre owned vehicles to our outstanding service department, we guarantee 100% satisfaction. Reviews from our customers show we’re succeeding.

What Color Car Is the Most Popular?

In your neighborhood or cruising down the highway, you see cars in many different hues. Did you ever stop to think what is the most popular color? Three colors seem to dominate the top spots, white, black, or silver (gray). While the least popular colors are gold, yellow, and purple.

Often, the color you choose for your car can affect its resale value. Surprisingly, those less popular colors like yellow can drive up the value. With less availability, unusually colored cars are often more valuable due to their scarcity.

Should you rush out and hunt for a lemon-yellow SUV? Maybe. Or maybe you should purchase the car that makes you happy. At Peters Auto Mall, we have hundreds of vehicles in all shades of colors. Compact, sedan, SUV, convertible, coupe, or sport, we have the car in the shade you want. Browse our online inventory to find your perfect car.

What Is the Best Time to Buy A Vehicle?

While it might seem an overstatement, buying a car before you’re in desperate need is the best time. Once you’re in urgent need, you’ll most likely rush to buy something. You won’t have time to research to make a smart purchase. Thus, you may end up settling for a vehicle just to have transportation.

Notably, as sales cycles go, there are certain times when it’s advantageous to buy particular products. This holds true for car buying as well. Thrifty shoppers looking for a bargain know it’s no different when it comes time to buying a car.

One good time to buy a car is the end of the month. This is when dealerships assess their quota. If they’re short of their sales goal, they’re more likely to make a deal.

Likewise, you may have more bargaining power at the end of the year. Not only are dealers trying to make sales quotas, but manufacturers usually debut new models. Thus, many motorists will be trading in older models for the newer ones. This influx of many used cars gives you a strong negotiating position.

Generally, dealers will run a sale coinciding with holidays. Memorial Day, July 4th, and Black Friday are just some of the times you may find great deals. If you’re looking for Greensboro dealerships having holiday sales, stop by Peters Auto Mall. You won’t believe our prices! And we’re ready to help you find the financing you need to get the car you want. But hurry! Our vehicles won’t last with prices this low and neither will this sale! Check our Facebook page for more details.

Don’t Let the Cold Weather Stop You from Shopping

You need a new car, but the weather is cold and nasty outside. Who wants to look at cars in bad weather? However, at Peters Auto Mall, our entire inventory is online. So, you can browse from the convenience of your home. With multiple pictures, you can view both the interior and exterior of every vehicle we have for sale.

In addition, we list the automobile’s options, mileage, VIN, and price. Plus, you can calculate your monthly payment, schedule a test drive, or get pre-approved all from our webpage. Do you live close to one of our 3 locations? Then, we can bring the car to your home to test drive. For your safety, we follow all CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting all vehicles.

However, we don’t stop there! During these unusual pandemic times, we want to make it even easier to stay safe and buy a car. That’s why we can handle the entire buying process online! Just let us know which car you want to purchase. We can either email or fax the paperwork to you to sign. Then, we’ll deliver the car to your doorstep.

And because we want you to be 100% happy with your purchase, we offer a 3-day return policy. If the car isn’t exactly what you hoped for, return it within 3 days for a refund. Certainly, the car must be in the same condition as when we delivered it, without any damage. It’s one of the ways we strive to make your car buying easier at our car dealership than you will find at most others.

Why Buy A Used Vehicle?

Some of us love having a brand-new car with that new car smell. However, that experience comes at a steep price. Brand-new cars are expensive and depreciate rapidly. In a short time, your new car is worth a lot less than what you paid for it.

When you buy a used car, the value decreases too, but at a much slower rate. Your used car will retain much more of its value. Thus, buying a used car is a better investment.

Moreover, you’ll also save money on value-based fees. For example, the DMV assesses the highway use tax, a fee based on the value of your car. Another value-based fee is your property tax. Additionally, insurance companies base their premiums on the value. Combined, lower fees on a used car can save you hundreds of dollars.

Plus, you’ll be able to afford an automobile with more options when you buy a used vehicle. A nicely equipped used car may fit perfectly in your budget. However, taking the same budget into the new car market may only net you a base model. When a car is new, that optional equipment can be very expensive.

We’re A Car Dealer Making Financing Easy

Often, you’ll see advertising for new cars with special promotions like 0% financing. However, these offers are contingent on approved credit. Also known as the fine print, only those car buyers with good credit will qualify.

But what if you have bad credit? At some dealers, you won’t be able to get a car loan. However, at Peters Auto Mall, we can find financing options with monthly payments you can afford. Even if you have bad credit, our financing team works hard to find the right financing for you.

Our pre-approval process is fast and easy and won’t affect your credit score. Furthermore, we don’t need your social security number and you’re under no obligation to accept our financing offer. Moreover, we use only trusted sources to find financing for you.

Plus, right now we are running a special. We’ll finance your purchase of select vehicles with no payments for 90 days. Want a different vehicle? How about payments starting as low as $99 a month with our online coupon? Visit us here to start the process.

Online Tools Make It Easy to Research Used Vehicles

Today’s digital world makes it so easy to buy a quality pre owned vehicle. You can easily research value, history, reliability, and safety through various websites. Online tools make it easy to find the perfect car right from the comfort of your home.

For instance, you can check a vehicle’s safety through both the NHTSA and IIHS. Both organizations conduct crash tests and rate automobiles bases on the results. NHTSA also provides recall information.

While U.S. News & World Report provides an overall consensus of a vehicle’s reliability, safety, and total cost of ownership. Their rankings use well-known sources such as NHSTA, J.D. Power, as well as several others to rate overall satisfaction. They consider performance, reliability, safety, and cost of ownership to rank cars.

Finally, be sure to look at a car history report before buying any pre owned vehicle. A vehicle history report gives you details about the car’s ownership, accident history, title status, mileage, and more. Often, a dealer will give you one free on any car you’re considering purchasing. We can provide a CarFax report on any of our vehicles.

Our Car Detail Service Makes A Great Holiday Gift

With the approaching holidays, you have some serious shopping to do. But there are some family members on your list that are just plain hard to buy for. You’re already panicking about what to get them. One great idea is to give them a car detailing service.

Car detailing goes far beyond a carwash. Whereas a carwash is an automated system, technicians do a car detail by hand. We’ll remove contaminants and residue from the exterior that can dull a car’s shine. Plus, we’ll deep clean the interior, removing allergens that can make you sick. Thus, the car will look, smell, and feel like a brand-new car.

You won’t have to slog through the stores looking for the perfect gift. Everyone can appreciate a thoroughly-cleaned automobile. Call us at 336-434-1600 to purchase a car detailing service as a holiday gift.

Choose One of The Best Greensboro Dealerships to Buy Your Next Car

There are many Greensboro dealerships to choose from when buying your next car. However, few give you an enjoyable, stress-free experience. Peters Auto Mall is the exception. With our huge inventory of vehicles, online buying, and financing options, we make used-car buying easy.

Additionally, to ensure you purchase a quality used car, we conduct a 125-point inspection on every vehicle we sell. We spend an average of 12 hours per automobile checking all the vital systems:

  • Air conditioning
  • Electrical system
  • Engine
  • Cooling system
  • Transmission
  • Brake System
  • Suspension

Thus, you know the vehicle you buy is safe, reliable, and at optimal performance.

Plus, we’re here for you after the sale. Our outstanding service department can keep your car running smoothly and reliably. We offer oil changes, NC vehicle inspections, and complete auto repair. Quick, yet efficient, our mechanics will have you back on the road promptly.

Moreover, we also take trade-ins. However, unlike other dealers, we’ll buy your vehicle with no obligation to ever buy anything from us. It’s fast, easy, and we pay top dollar! Just come by and see us anytime. We’ll inspect your car and make an offer in as little as 15 minutes.

Eager to test drive one of our cars? Or do you have questions about our financing? We’ll be happy to set up an appointment and answer any questions you have. Just give us a call at 336-434-1610 to speak to one of our friendly staff members.