Great Deals on Cars for College Students

cars for college studentsWhen you’ve got kids in college, it can feel like the expenses will never stop coming. Tuition, textbooks, laptops, room and board, meal plans — even pens and notebooks aren’t free. So, when it’s time to make sure your college student has transportation that gives you peace of mind without breaking the bank, it might feel like a near-impossible mountain to climb. But before you tell him or her to take the bus or you surrender the family minivan, be sure to head down to High Point. There, visit Peters Auto Mall’s wide selection of affordably priced cars for college students.

Our Family Values: Safety and Reliability

At Peters Auto Mall, treating our customers like family is our number one priority day in and day out. And we know that when parents are choosing cars for college students, they’ll do whatever it takes to keep them safe. So, every car we put on the road undergoes our 125-point system to ensure that it meets stringent safety and reliability standards from front to back, and our on-site service center provides top-of-the-line maintenance to keep your vehicle running strong. Watching your child leave for college can be a thrilling but scary time, so make sure they’re in a car inspected and maintained by Peters Auto Mall’s automotive experts.

Is your daughter or son is about to embark on the big journey to college? If so, then you want to make sure they’re equipped with nothing but the best car. Peters Auto Mall has the widest selection in the Piedmont Triad of high-quality, affordably priced cars for college students. Our model is simple. We can cut the best deals on cars because we believe that when we operate our business fairly, honestly, and efficiently, our customers will keep on rewarding us with their time and their loyalty. Let our family take care of yours at Peters Auto Mall, where service and value are our top priority.

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