Get Your Best Car Resale Value at Peters Auto Mall

car resale valueIt can be difficult to determine the true value of your car. Resale value is affected by a variety of things. Age, condition, and the model of the car are all taken into account. At Peters, no vehicle is too old or worn down for us. We look to buy any vehicle of any make or model at a price that is beneficial to you. Other dealerships may try to undersell you for an old or otherwise out of shape vehicle. That’s not our game at Peters. We have spent over 20 years building a reputation of trust and respect between us and our valued customers. So, if you’re looking to sell or trade in your old vehicle, please, let us help!

What is the resale value of a car?

The resale value is easy to define. It’s the value of a vehicle after it has been used, and now needs to be resold! Some vehicles can be resold at a higher price than others. When buying a new car, it benefits the buyer to consider this future resale value. Some vehicles simply hold up better than others. These can be expected to fetch a high resale value. Some end up in far worse conditions, and will resell for a far lower rate. At Peters, our experts determine the exact resale value of your vehicle. Basically, we do this by assessing several of your vehicle’s traits.

What traits are considered when determining resale value?

Our expert technicians will spend about 20 minutes going over the details of your car. To start, your vehicle must be appraised. Resale value is initially judged based on the make and model of the car. First, we’ll need to test drive it. Then, an inspection of the interior and exterior of your car will be performed. Any obvious damage inside or outside will be noted. Then, the condition of your tires, engine, transmission, and windshield will be examined. Any special features will be taken into account to perhaps raise the value. Amongst all this, we will need to look over a copy of your vehicle’s history report. All of these things combine to give you your vehicle’s resale value. There you have it! This painless process then moves on to the next step: our team of expert analysts determining your offer.

How long does it take to determine my offer?

At Peters, we boast a time of as little as 12 minutes until you receive your offer. Then, it’s up to you whether to proceed with selling or trading your car. You have one full week from the time of our offer to let us know. Therefore, take your time. Peters wants you to be happy and make the right decision for yourself!

Would you prefer to do a trade-in?

We can do that, as well! Once we determine the resale value of your vehicle, we can discuss the option of a trade-in. After we’ve looked at resale value, and how much you still owe on the vehicle, we can surely strike a deal. A trade-in can be a good way to jump-start the process of buying your next vehicle. If this is the right choice for you, simply let us know, and we are happy to discuss this option with you.

Decide to sell us your car?  Get the Best Car Resale Value

In order for us to successfully buy your vehicle, there are a few documents we need to see. We need your title, your up-to-date registration, your valid driver’s license, and any key to the vehicle. You give us these, and we can give you your payment. It’s easy! With Peters Auto Mall, you are guaranteed the quickest, most lucrative resale possible. There’s even a quick questionnaire on our website to give you a tentative quote. Tailored to benefit you, you’ll see why Peters is the most trusted name in the Triad for those looking to sell their car. Resale value that can’t be beat—that’s what you can get with Peters Auto Mall. So, call us or come in, and let’s get this process started!