​Get the Best Auto Resale Value at Peters Auto Mall!

auto resale value

Looking to find the best auto resale value for your car? At Peters, our trained team can help you find out exactly what you should be paid for your vehicle! Stop by and talk to us in person, or go online to our website and fill out a quick questionnaire. The condition doesn’t matter to us here at Peters Auto Mall—all we care about is that you get the best value possible, in as little time as possible! In as little as 20 minutes, we can appraise your vehicle inside and out to determine the best possible price Feel free to drop in and talk to our team of experts today! We will take any used vehicle regardless of make, model or even condition!

Sell Your Car To Peters!

Want to sell your old ride? The only question is, what is the absolute best price we can offer you? We determine the best auto resale value in just a few simple steps—first, bring your car to us for a test drive. From there, we will have our team of specially-trained experts appraise the state of the vehicle—assessing, among a few other things, any frame damage, interior degradation, and any exterior damage. We also assess the inner workings of the vehicle, determining the state of the engine and transmission. Once we determine the condition of these things, we’ll take a quick check of your vehicle’s history report. After that, we’ll be prepared to offer you a written payment on the spot!

With over 20 years of experience and over 20,000 vehicles bought and sold, trust Peters to give you the most honest amount for your used vehicle. If you decide that Peters Auto Mall is the perfect place for your car to go, you only need to bring a few legal documents to make it official. Your car’s title (or any other proof of payoff information), current registration, and keys or any other remote access device for the vehicle. Finally, you’ll also need to bring a valid legal driver’s license.

Get the Best Auto Resale Value

Don’t yet have the time to stop by our High Point location? Get a quick and easy estimate of resale value on our website! Simply enter some basic information about your vehicle and leave your contact information. Soon after, an employee will be in touch with a quote. The best way to ensure you’re getting the best deal on your vehicle’s resale is by understanding your vehicle’s specific depreciation and being aware of the wear and tear on the car. Some dealers might try to undersell you.

At Peters Auto Mall, we guarantee our team of experts has been trained not only in the highest grade of customer service but also in open and honest pricing for every vehicle. As a small, family-owned business, Peters has a proud reputation. Therefore, we can’t afford to be anything but open and honest with every customer. We’ve been serving the Piedmont Triad for over 20 years. It’s our pleasure to serve you! Make an appointment, or simply bring your vehicle into Peters for our guaranteed best resale value today!