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Fuel Economy

fuel economy Fuel economy is defined as the capacity of the engine to obtain energy from fuel. For vehicles, it is measured in miles per gallon.Many drivers today recognize the strain of rising gas prices on their wallets. Therefore, it’s important to find a vehicle that uses this expensive gas more effectively. Using gas efficiently is where your car’s fuel economy comes into play.   A vehicle’s fuel economy depends on several different factors, including the engine parameters, rolling resistance, and aerodynamic weight.

Tips for Choosing a Fuel Efficient Car

The most fuel efficient cars save drivers money.  Studies show that choosing the most efficient vehicles can save motorists hundreds of dollars each year.  Luckily, these cars are the new “norm” and come in a plethora of sizes and models, perfect for anyone wanting to save themselves trouble and money. It is vital that you know how important fuel economy is, but where do you go from there?  Choosing the right car can be daunting, but our trained, professional, sales staff is here to help you!

Fuel Economy Tips

– Categorizing your needs:

take a step back and consider why you drive. Know what it is you’ll be using the car for and how often.

Pick the proper engine:

think about the amount of horsepower you’ll need. Remember, a smaller engine makes for better fuel economy.

Avoid gas-guzzlers:

stay away from roof racks, and other add-ons will keep your vehicle from conserving fuel properly. Keep in mind that manual transmissions make for better fuel economy.

Maintain your investment:

the way you drive is directly correlated to your vehicle’s fuel economy. Speeding wastes your gas, flooring your vehicle will do the same.  Don’t waste your investment by driving poorly.

What We Offer

Peters Auto Mall strives to be the best when it comes to fulfilling the needs of our customers.  As such, our knowledgeable staff is here to answer any and every question you may have about the fuel efficiency and fuel economy of every vehicle we sell.  We understand the consequences that come with gas guzzlers, as well as the rewards that come with more efficient vehicles, and guarantee that you’ll be happy with your choice.

Our company focuses on what’s important: you!  We know that every individual has specific wants and needs, and we aim to fulfill them all!    Peters Auto Mall is a family-owned business that believes in helping you find the perfect car!