Finding Trucks at High Point Auto Sales

High Point Auto SalesMany truck enthusiasts gravitate to those vehicles at High Point auto sales because of their power, ruggedness, and capability. This makes the truck perfect for hauling or towing; but not all trucks are equal. Trucks are generally classified as light-duty or heavy-duty. Each type comes with its own pros and cons. When looking at High Point auto sales for trucks, it is important to know the difference. Then you can determine the right truck for your needs. Here are some points about light-duty and heavy-duty trucks to inform your decision when you take a look at High Point auto sales.

Light-Duty Trucks

The pickup truck market at High Point auto sales dealerships consists in large part of light-duty trucks. Light-duty trucks have a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) anywhere from 0 to 14,000 pounds. This weight refers to the maximum weight you can safely carry in your truck. This total takes into account the combined weight of truck, including passengers, fuel, fluids, and cargo. This type of truck is often used for personal or light commercial needs. Most light-duty trucks have a payload capacity, or cargo weight, ranging from 1,500 pounds to 3,000 pounds. This type of truck is often used for personal or light commercial needs such as hauling furniture, building supplies, or construction equipment. A light-duty truck is also good for towing of boats, trailers, and ATVs.

Heavy-Duty Towing

Heavy-duty trucks are not as plentiful as their light-duty counterparts at High Point auto sales venues, but still have a major presence. The GVWR of heavy duty trucks can range up to 33,000 pounds. They also have payloads reaching 6,500 pounds or more. Due to their large payloads, heavy-duty trucks are often utilized in commercial business applications. Construction job sites use these trucks to transport large loads and for heavy towing. You may notice that many heavy-duty trucks have enhanced transmissions and diesel engines. This added power is what allows these trucks to tow huge loads, such as horse trailers, RVs, and large boats. Their large beds also accommodate a variety of cargo types. One of the downsides, is that heavy-duty trucks are harder to maneuver due to their size.

High Point Auto Sales

Trucks are easy to find at High Point auto sales dealerships, but knowing your needs will help you to choose the right vehicle. For those planning to drive their truck around town and in rural areas, a light-duty vehicle from High Point auto sales will serve you best. Light-duty trucks also accommodate passengers and many have luxury features found in SUVs and luxury cars. These trucks are also easier than heavy-duty trucks to drive on narrow roadways and to park. Heavy-duty trucks found at High Point auto sales are not made for leisure driving or small errands.  If you truly have heavy-duty jobs to do, these big, heavy trucks will be able to handle them. Check out High Point auto sales at Peters Auto Mall for your next truck. The extensive inventory offers choices of a wide variety of makes and models.