Find the Perfect Truck Chevy for Sale Locally at Peters Auto Mall

Truck Chevy for SaleIf you’re looking for a truck Chevy for sale in North Carolina, you aren’t alone. The Chevy Silverado is one of the most popular trucks in America. Additionally, the Chevy Colorado is also a popular truck option for lighter cargo hauling capabilities. Here at Peters Auto Mall, we have many used trucks available. Whether you are towing, hauling, or just want to drive a cool vehicle, we can help you find the perfect option.

Comparison – Which Truck Chevy for Sale is Right for You?

Chevy offers several consumer trucks. Which one is right for you? Here’s a quick comparison:

  • Colorado – This is an inexpensive option for drivers who don’t need to do any super heavy-duty hauling. The trailering (towing) capacity of a Colorado is 7,700 pounds with a max available payload of 1,574 pounds for cargo hauling. What you lose in cargo hauling ability you gain in gas mileage, as they get up to 30 MPG on the highway.
  • 1500 LD Silverado – If you want a slightly heavier truck, the 1500 LD is the way to go. While you’ll only get 22 MPG highway with this truck, trailering is easier with a Silverado. This version can tow up to 9,400 pounds. It can also haul more cargo than the Colorado and has diesel engine options.
  • 2500 HD Silverado – For even more trailering and cargo capacity, go for a 2500 HD. This truck has a towing capacity of 15,500 and a max torque of 910 lb.-ft. This is enough trailering ability for most people. To put it into perspective, this is more than double what you would need to tow an average-sized camper.

Chevy does offer a few other trucks as well, including some with even more engine power. Check out their site to learn more about any of their trucks before you buy. Or, speak to a member of our sales team if you have questions about the different trucks for sale on our lot. Our sales team can answer question about any truck’s engine or cab, as well as questions about the vehicle’s history.

We currently have these used trucks available. When you buy used, you can save a lot of money. Most trucks easily cost over $25,000 new. Additionally, the trucks you see in commercials are typically not the cheaper base models. They have bells and whistles that move the price to over $40,000 in many cases. The used trucks on our lot are in great condition. Often, we have trucks that are just a few years old.

You can take any of our trucks for a test drive to make sure it is the right pickup for you. Keep in mind that we also have cargo vans, minivans, cars and SUVs in stock, in case a truck isn’t right for you. On every vehicle, our mechanics do a 125-point inspection, including the engine and all major systems, to ensure its reliability. We’ll never sell you a lemon with a bad engine or other problems.

Financing Your New Vehicle

Once you’ve found the perfect pickup truck Chevy for sale it’s time to think about your vehicle loan. Here at Peters Auto Mall, we can help you get a vehicle loan that works for you. We can work with almost any credit situation, as long as you have proof of income.

To start, you may want to use our pre-financing tool to figure out how much you can afford. This is a great step to take before you start shopping. When you know how much you can afford, you can look at pickup trucks in your price range. Also, this vehicle loan calculator is great to helping to ensure you can make the monthly payments. Regardless of your approval amount, you’ll need to make sure you can afford the vehicle payment.

Remember, you’ll also need to budget for monthly, quarterly, and annual maintenance. Trucks are not super-high maintenance inherently. However, you may need to perform preventative maintenance more often if you do a lot of trailering and hauling. Additionally, your monthly budget will need to cover gas and insurance.

Confused about financing and budgeting? Our team can help! We have a great resource here to help you begin. Then, contact us with any questions you may have. Call us at 336-434-1600 in High Point or 336-434-1610 in Greensboro. When you come to Peters Auto Mall, we’ll walk you through the process so you can drive home in a pickup truck you love.