​Fast, Efficient Auto Appraisal at Peters Auto Mall

used car appraisal

How does auto appraisal work?

There are several factors that go into appraising a vehicle. First, our experts will take a quick look at your vehicle. The exterior of your car will be inspected. Any bumps or dings in the outer body will be carefully noted. Any issues with the engine or transmission will be observed and recorded. The amount of mileage, age and make of the car will be considered. Any damage to your windshield, tires, or frame will be noted, as well. Generally, the entire vehicle will be inspected from bumper to bumper, inside and underneath. Any additional modifications you may have added yourself will also be considered. This ensures that you get the best price for your car. For added peace of mind, you can also check your car’s worth on Carfax.

Why trade-in?

The process does not stop once you have an auto appraisal and have accepted your offer. You will then have the option to trade in with us. Trading in your vehicle is far more advantageous than simply selling and buying a new one. Why you may ask? It’s simple! Once your vehicle is appraised, you will have a price range to begin working with. You can consider your now-sold previous vehicle to be a down payment. Then, all you have left to pay on your new pre-owned vehicle is whatever is leftover! Any loan you may need will also be significantly lowered and will gather less interest.

Why shop new when you can shop used?

At Peters, we urge all potential vehicle buyers to consider buying used before new. And that’s not just to our advantage—it’s to yours, too! Buying a new car off the lot can be appealing. However, there is a major con. The biggest con of a new car is that it immediately depreciates in value. Once you drive off the lot, you’ve essentially lost several thousand dollars. How is that fair to you? At Peters, we say it isn’t. A quality used vehicle is just as good as its newer counterpart. The safety and performance features are not worse simply for being used! So, next time you’re in need of an auto appraisal, or are looking for a reliable vehicle for yourself or a loved one, think Peters Auto Mall.

Peters is proud to have your business

Remember, when you sell to Peters, you’re selling to a local, family-owned company. We are proud of our Triad heritage and of our loyal customer base. With over 20,000 vehicles sold to us, you know you can trust us to give you the best price for your vehicle. Our goal at Peters is not just to be the best dealership in the Triad. We also take pride in our reputation for outstanding customer service. Take the stress out of vehicle appraisal when you come to us. Our friendly staff makes the process easy and fast, with an average of just 20 minutes per appraisal. Rest easy knowing Peters is on your side!