A Diesel Repair Shop will Keep Your Diesel Vehicle in Great Condition

diesel repair shopDiesel vehicles need a diesel repair shop.  While a lot of vehicles look similar, the inner workings can be very different. This is especially true of engines. There are two main types of engines you will find in cars and trucks: those that run on regular gas and those that run on diesel. If you drive a vehicle with a diesel engine – probably a truck or something sizable – you have surely experienced one of its main attributes: power.

Diesel engines were built to provide more power to a vehicle, and you can feel this every time you step on the gas pedal. This type of engine does have special requirements, however, and if there is an issue, you can’t just take it anywhere. Only a diesel repair shop will be able to give it the proper attention. All vehicles need regular maintenance, but those that run on diesel have specific requirements. These are the four areas that have to receive special focus:


Diesel engines are constantly putting quite a bit of pressure on the gaskets, and this is why they should be looked at often. One problem that is frequently found with gaskets has to do with the mounting bolts. If they are not tightly secured, engine fluids can easily leak out.

Cooling System

One of the most important parts of a diesel engine is the cooling system, which should be flushed on a regular basis. In addition, the system needs to be monitored to make sure there are not any leaks. And if the temperature gauge shows that the engine is running hot, chances are that there is a problem with the cooling system and the vehicle should be brought to a diesel repair shop as soon as possible.

Glow Plugs

Unlike vehicles that run on regular gas, diesel engines do not use sparkplugs. For a diesel engine to start, compressed heat is utilized for ignition. A cold engine cannot create enough hot air to get the engine to fire, however. This is where glow plugs come in. They warm up the engine so the necessary heat is produced. Because glow plugs are so vital, they always have to be in top shape, particularly during the colder months. If your diesel vehicle will not turn on, there could be something wrong with the glow plugs. A diesel repair shop with the proper tools will be able to replace these for you.

Oil Filter

Not just any oil filter can be used for a diesel engine. A filter keeps contaminants from getting into the oil, and if the wrong one is put in, the oil will not be getting the right protection. This could end up having serious effects on the engine.

Peters Diesel Repair Shop

Is your diesel vehicle just not operating as it well as it usually does? All you need to do is bring it down to the diesel repair shop at Peters Auto Mall. In addition to selling great diesel cars and trucks, we also have expert technicians to service them.