A Dependable Used Car Appraisal is Guaranteed at Peters Auto Mall

used car appraisalAt Peters Auto Mall, we understand used car appraisal. If you are buying a preowned vehicle, from us or from any other dealer, you need to be certain that it has been thoroughly evaluated and fairly priced so you get the best deal. When you do business with us, you can confidently depend on our 125-point inspection to guarantee that each preowned vehicle is in good condition, is honestly represented, and is priced at a fair and reasonable market value for its age and condition.

Peters Quality Inspection Used Car Appraisal

Here at Peters, we only sell top-quality used cars. Moreover, we take pride in making sure “used” doesn’t mean “inferior” or “dishonest.” Our professional mechanics inspect every preowned vehicle thoroughly. Thus, making repairs and replacing parts and documenting any remaining issues for the new owner before we put it on the lot for sale.  Check out our used car appraisal tips today!

Our preowned inspections average as many as 12 hours each, with our specially-trained mechanics going over every inch from bumper to bumper. Furthermore, we strive to please you. Basically, our goal is to ensure you drive off the lot without a worry in the world about the good decision you made.

At Peters, each used car appraisal includes:

Engine – emission equipment, air filters, oil condition, spark plugs, and serpentine belt

Transmission – fluid level, shifting, and mounts

Brake System – fluid level, master cylinder, emergency brake, lines and fittings

Suspension – ball joints, bushings, tie rods, struts, and springs

Electrical – battery, power seats and windows, interior switches, turn signals, and front wiper motor

Cooling – coolant level, fan belts, fan blades, heater core, water pump, and radiator

Air Conditioning – compressor, condenser, and evaporator

When we get through with a vehicle inspection, we promise, there will be no hidden problems. We will have examined its performance and appearance, all of its operating systems and special features, and its maintenance and accident history. And, on top of all that, we’ll furnish a free CarFax report for anything you test drive so you will be completely informed when you make your final selection.

Why Peters for Used Car Appraisal?

We’ve been in business for 25 years, and are family-run by Kevin and Angie Peters.  What this means to you, our customers, is that we rely on good, solid family values to guide the way we do business with you. We really care about our customers, because they are also our friends and neighbors here in the Triad area. We see them every day at the grocery store or post office, at the hardware store or drug store, or at school or church and we don’t want to let them down. That’s why we stay focused on doing honest deals with integrity. And, that’s why you can trust our promises and have complete confidence in our merchandise, our service and our guarantees.

Used car appraisals aren’t all we do well. So, come to the Mall on South Main Street to see for yourself.