Chevy Dealership In Greensboro NC – Buy The Chevy You’ve Always Wanted

Chevy dealership in Greensboro NCToday, there are many different types of cars from which to choose. Therefore, when shopping for a new car, the options are limitless. However, certain brands stand above others. Among those quality brands is Chevy, one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers. Award-winning, Chevy has over a dozen best-selling vehicles. Once you know the brand you’re interested in, you need to choose your dealer. When you need the best Chevy dealership in Greensboro NC visit Peters Auto Mall, the place where customer service matters.

You Can Afford the Chevy Of Your Dreams

One of the reasons many people wait to buy a new automobile is due to a tight budget. At Peters Auto Mall, we understand that. Thus, we offer many different financing options. No matter your credit score, we can work with you and get you approved. Hence, we turn no customers away!

To speed up the process, you can begin by filling out our free, no obligation form. This form will show you your credit score and get you pre-approved for a car loan. While this step is not mandatory, it’s helpful to know how much you can afford upfront.

Chevy Dealership in Greensboro NC – Find Your Dream Vehicle

Here at Peters Auto Mall, there’s no pressure or deadlines as customer service is important to us. Meaning, we want you to take your time until you find the perfect vehicle. At your convenience, browse our wide selection of Chevys until you find the one perfect for you. Currently, we have over 25 available Chevys, but that number could change as we’re always adding in new models.

See something you like? Scheduling a test drive is easy. All you have to do is click on that vehicle’s page, then click on the test drive button. This button is located near the top of the page, directly above the vehicle’s picture. From there, you’ll input your contact info and your desired time slot. Once you’ve filled out the form, a staff member will then be in touch with you. After you’ve driven the automobile, our associate will work with you until you find the perfect vehicle. Next, they will help to get the financing plan best for you. Important criteria for financing includes the vehicle you’re interested in and the size of the down payment you can make. Whatever your credit history, we will work with you. We have many options, so you will have a monthly payment you can afford. Just bring your proof of income and we’ll match you with a financing plan.

Interested in Selling Your Old Car?

In addition to financing, we also offer the option of selling us your old automobile. Furthermore, we strive to make this service as easy and stress-free as possible. Did you know that selling us your car is easier than selling it yourself?

  • Selling us your car increases your down payment toward an upgrade
    • When you sell to us, we can automatically apply that money toward a newer car.
  • Dealing with us is easy
    • We’ll be transparent and give you a price within minutes.
  • Avoid legal and security risks
    • Selling your car privately can be dangerous as you’re negotiating with strangers.

Instead, avoid the risks by selling us your car. You’ll first need to fill out a form to start. For this form, you’ll input pictures and information about your car. We determine the price of your car based on several factors:

  • Its year, mileage, make, and model
  • The condition of its interior and exterior
  • Tires
  • Windshield
  • Condition of engine and transmission
  • Frame and flood damage
  • Options, features, and modifications
  • Finally, we’ll check its history report

Also, we’ll need to give your car a quick drive to see how it handles. This process should take about 12 minutes. After we’ve assessed everything, we’ll then present you with an offer. You can either accept the offer or think about it. Every offer is good for one week. If you do decide to sell us your car, you’ll need to have certain documents with you:

  • Your driver’s license
  • The car’s title or payoff information
  • Valid current registration
  • All keys and remotes
  • Lastly, all titleholders must be present.

Contact Us Today!

Whether you’re buying, selling, or just looking, we’re ready to help you. With two Triad locations, we’re close to home and convenient. Call us with any questions at 336-434-1610. When you need the best Chevy dealership in Greensboro NC we hope you’ll visit us!