Cheap Trucks – 5 Reasons to Buy Them

cheap trucksThere are many reasons to purchase pre-owned cheap trucks but there is only one place to buy them. Peters Auto Mall is the #1 used car dealership in the Triad!

5 Reasons to Buy Pre-owned Cheap Trucks

  • Hauling – Whether it’s for your business or family, you always need to haul large items around.
  • Use for your business – Your truck can be considered a necessary piece of equipment because you are using it in your business. This makes it a tax write-off in most cases.
  • Safety – Most trucks now come with the same and often more safety features as cars. Their height can offer extra protection in many circumstances.
  • Versatility – Many trucks come with 4-wheel drive, so you can drive in multiple terrains. This is great if you are an outdoorsman who enjoys going off the beaten path or if you work in construction and drive on unpaved areas.
  • Great for a family – Lastly, trucks with an extended cab often have just as much leg room as an SUV. You will enjoy being able to haul kid’s bikes and sports equipment. Why get the inside of your vehicle dirty when you can just throw it in the bed?

Why Peters Auto Mall

Peters Auto Mall has been serving High Point and surrounding areas for over two decades. This family-owned business started with the mindset to be the #1 used car dealership in the Triad. They were awarded this title in 2014 by Yes! Monthly magazine.
They have the largest vehicle selection in the Triad. All of the vehicles undergo a 125-point inspection to ensure safe performance on the road. Additionally, they have a no-haggle pricing strategy. Just a few more reasons why Peters Auto Mall is the place to find cheap trucks for personal or business use.

Find cars and more on our website! Our inventory is always changing, so cars and prices may vary.