Car Upholstery Repair and More Available at Peters

car upholstery repair

Not just a dealership—Peters Auto Mall offers affordable vehicle servicing, as well!

Car upholstery repair is just one of the services Peters Auto Mall provides. Damaged car upholstery is never a good look in a vehicle. Whether you’re intending to sell your car or simply need the upholstery repaired in your family’s vehicle, Peters can definitely help! Peters Auto Mall has been open since 1993. That’s over 20 years of service-learning the ins and outs of all things auto. If you’re in need of anything from oil changes to upholstery repair, you know you can always trust Peters name. It’s true that we’re the #1 used car dealership in the Triad, but we are also so much more!

Affordable car upholstery repair and more can be found at Peters!

Did you accidentally tear or otherwise damage the upholstery of your vehicle? Perhaps moving furniture or transporting a pet resulted in some unsightly rips or stains. That’s just fine! At Peters, our affordable upholstery repair will have your vehicle looking like new in no time! We know some people may think we’re simply a dealership, but we offer many other services, too. We want to be able to offer our customers as many convenient, well-priced services as possible.

If you find that perfect used vehicle and the upholstery is damaged, you’ll need to come in and let us fix it. Also, if you’re intending to sell your vehicle, the upholstery needs to be intact. Taking the time to ensure your vehicle is at its prime will guarantee a better deal for you. Even if you don’t want to sell, your upholstery is still important. It protects the interior of your car, and provides comfort! So don’t let your upholstery exist in disrepair. Once your upholstery is fixed, we can even change your oil! You can always trust the professionals at Peters.

Looking for custom upholstery? We can help!

Even if your upholstery is in no way damaged, perhaps you are just bored and want a change. We can cover you there, too! Our experts at Peters Auto Mall can help to custom create your car’s interior. Customizing your upholstery is just another way to make your car stand out! Make a statement when you let us customize your interior, and get back on the road in style!

Car upholstery repair isn’t the only great service provided at Peters

Have you noticed your vehicle behaving a little oddly? Perhaps you notice a strange grinding noise, or are having problems with your brakes? Don’t wait any longer! Come on by our shop, where our team of trained professionals will diagnose and fix the problem right here in the shop. That grinding noise may mean you’re in need of some transmission repair, and your brakes should never be neglected!

Summers in NC can bring a variety of problems

As any North Carolina resident knows, our summers can be blistering. This means air conditioning in a car is an absolute must! If your car’s AC is out, bring it on to us! Have you recently suffered through a hail storm? We’ve seen some nasty dents in our day—that’s why we offer inexpensive, no-paint dent repair! Broken windshield? No problem for us! Our repair services are sure to fit any budget and please even the toughest of critics. If you have always dreamed of a lifted truck, we invite you to take advantage of our truck lifting service! At Peters, we can handle all of your vehicle’s needs. The Triad’s most trusted name in used cars, Peters Auto Mall is here for nearly all of your car repair and maintenance needs. We’re always here to help!