Car Lots Near Me – Where to Get Top Dollar for Your Trade-in

Car Lots Near MeIt’s been a long time coming; the relationship just isn’t working for you anymore. While you just keep spending money, it’s always undependable and unreliable. You know it’s time to say goodbye to your old vehicle and get behind the wheel of a newer car. However, the thought of buying a new vehicle gives you anxiety. You need to shop where you feel comfortable and where car buying is enjoyable. When searching used car lots near me that residents of Greensboro trust, choose Peters Auto Mall.

Peters Auto Mall was started in 1993 by Kevin and Angie Peters with you in mind. We strive for 100% satisfaction with every transaction. Our lots are full of vehicles with our no-haggle pricing, so you never have to negotiate.  With abundant financing options no matter what your credit history, we’ll get you into the car of your dreams. Plus, we have an outstanding service department to keep your car in prime condition after your purchase.

How Many Miles Should I Look for on a Used Car?

Sometimes, consumers worry about buying a used car because of the miles already on the odometer. However, with big advancements in powertrain technology, rust prevention, and lubricants, cars are lasting much longer than ever before.  With the average driver putting about 13,500 miles per year on their cars, most vehicles today last about 15 years.

Certainly, buying a used car is less expensive. Typically, the average price of a 3-year-old used car is a little less than half what it would cost new. This is due to a steep drop in the value of new cars from depreciation in the first few years. Depreciation levels off at about the third year. So, buying a used car actually saves you money. Additionally, registration fees and insurance costs are less on a used vehicle saving you even more.

What Is a Trade-in?

Many times, you already own a vehicle that you need to dispose of before you buy a new car. While you could sell it on your own, this may take weeks or months. Also, you face personal security risks in meeting with strangers. A much easier alternative is to trade it in.

Trading your car in is super easy at Peters Auto Mall. First, we can estimate what your vehicle is worth by having you answer a few questions here. Then, within 48 hours, we’ll send you a preliminary assessment of your car’s value. However, in order to give you your car’s full price, we’ll need to inspect it. Simply bring your car down to Peters Auto Mall at your convenience. One of our appraisers will thoroughly examine your car and present you with an offer. One that is good for 7 days, so you can go home and think about it.

When you’re ready to trade your car in, there are some important documents you need to bring with you. First, if you still have a loan on the automobile, bring the payoff information. On the other hand, if you own the car free and clear, please bring the title. We will also need the current valid registration, all keys and/or remotes, and your driver’s license.

Do Your Research

Once you have the value of your trade-in, you’ll have an idea of how much you want to spend. Our loan calculator will help you with financing by estimating monthly car loan payments. Then, head on over to our pre-approval page to see your credit score and get pre-approval for a loan. It’s fast, easy and doesn’t require your social security number or impact your credit score.

After you’ve got your financing in order, do some research into the makes and models that interest you. Read car reviews and check rankings that highlight the best used cars in each price range. When you’ve found the car you want, thoroughly examine the car inside and out. Of course, be sure to take the automobile for a test drive to see how it handles. Finally, insist on a Carfax report, which gives the vehicle’s entire history.

Car Lots Near Me – the Best Place to Buy a Used Car

Although it’s sad to say goodbye to your old vehicle, you’ll be excited to start adventures with your new car. When looking for car lots near me that have a large selection of vehicles, choose Peters Auto Mall. We are your one-stop car dealer with our financing, acceptance of trade-ins and full-service maintenance department.

So, give us a call today at 336-434-1610 to ask us about financing options or to schedule a test drive. And let us show you how easy it is to get behind the wheel of a new vehicle.