Car Appraisal – Deciding Between Trading and Selling

car appraisalCar appraisal in your future?  Are you in the market for another car? Before you get rid of your old car for a new one, get a car appraisal to find out if it’s better to trade it in or sell it. A car appraisal by an experienced professional will ensure that the correct value is determined for your car.  This means no surprises about the vehicle’s value when you trade in, or lack of buyer interest because it’s too much money.

A good car appraisal includes a test drive, an inspection of the interior and exterior condition, options and modifications, and damage. The car appraisal also takes into account the mileage, history report of your vehicle, current market conditions, and the year, make, and model. Once you have determined the value of your car, is trading or selling the better choice? Let’s examine the pros and cons of each choice.


Many people find that trading in their car is easy. You take your car to the dealer and the value of your trade-in is put towards the purchase of your next car. If your car has retained a lot of value, this works greatly in your favor, making your next purchase much less costly. You do have to be honest with yourself regarding the condition of your trade. A Blue Book is a good source for determining vehicle value, but it may not be worth as much as you expect. You may determine the car is in good condition, but the dealer evaluation may differ. A car appraisal by an experienced professional may be difficult to challenge and negotiate without a realistic assessment of your trade-in.


Selling can be simple if your vehicle is in relatively good condition. Some dealers will buy your car regardless of its age or condition. It may be easier to sell your vehicle to dealers that also sell the same brand of vehicle. If your car is particularly old, it may be more of a challenge to sell to a dealer that is trying to sell newer versions of your car. The up-side to this option is that the value is usually more than the wholesale value offered on a trade-in.

Car Appraisal at Peters

We understand that selling or trading your car can be a challenging choice. At Peters Auto Mall, we can help no matter which option you choose. Trading or selling your vehicle is easy at our dealership. Regardless of the condition, number of miles, or make of your car, we will buy. Our car appraisal process is easy and quick and guaranteed to give you a reasonable offer for your vehicle. Bring your car to Peters Auto Mall, ask any questions you may have, get a written offer from us, then decide if you want to trade or buy. You will also need to bring the title or payoff information for your car, a driver’s license, current valid registration, and all vehicle keys and remotes. At Peters Auto Mall, we make sure you’re receiving the best deal whether you’re buying or trading.