Car Appraisal is Easy at Peters Auto Mall

car appraisalGetting a car appraisal from Peters Auto Mall is a snap!

Selling your vehicle can be stressful. How can you know where to go to get the most fair, accurate pricing? Some places can take forever to give you a fair and accurate quote on your vehicle. At Peters, we take the stress out of selling your car. Our trained professionals will get you in and out with an offer in your hand in no time! There are only a few steps to car appraisal at Peters. If you or someone you know are interested in selling your car to Peters, come by for an appraisal and let’s get started today!

What is a car appraisal?

A car appraisal is an expert calculation to determine what your car is worth. To have your car appraised, you must go to a shop or dealership that is capable of appraising vehicles. Once your car has been looked over, the shop will give you a quote on how much they believe your car is worth. Some places may try to under-sell you. At Peters, we give you the most accurate quote possible, to get the best deal for the both of us. If you are considering selling your car to Peters, there are only three easy steps you must take.

Three steps to an honest car appraisal at Peters Auto Mall

The first step, of course, is to bring us your car! At Peters, we will appraise any car that comes through our lot. We’ll buy it, too! No matter the make, model, mileage, etc., Peters will gladly take any vehicle off your hands for a fair price. Once your car has been appraised, our appraiser will give you a document stating the quoted price. From that moment, you have one week to decide whether selling to Peters is right for you. If you decide that the answer is yes, then there’s only one more step—coming back and handing it over!

Peters buys any car no matter the condition

If you decide the price is right, there are only a few more steps before we can take your old car off your hands. We need a few legal documents from you, and the deal is done! Simply bring your car’s title or its payoff information, current registration, your valid driver’s license and all keys and remotes to the vehicle. Now, the vehicle belongs to Peters, and you’re free to make your next move!

Are you selling, or trading in?

If you’re selling your vehicle to Peters, simply hand us the keys and the deal is done. If you’re trading in, then simply find the car you want on our lot, we’ll put up the price against your appraisal amount, and voila! The balance left after your appraisal price is the price of your new, pre-owned vehicle. See? It’s so easy when you come to Peters Auto Mall to sell or trade-in your vehicle! If it’s about time for you to find your next quality vehicle, Peters is excited to help!