Car Appraisal Made Easy at Peters Auto Mall

car appraisalAre you in the market to sell or trade-in your car?

When looking to sell or trade-in your car, getting a car appraisal is the place to start. A professional will take a thorough look at your vehicle, and determine at what price it is valued. The entire process typically takes hardly any time at all; 20 minutes, and you’re out! The key to getting a good appraisal is to turn to a name you can trust. That’s where Peters Auto Mall comes in. The most trusted name in the Triad, Peters knows used cars. When it’s time to trade in your vehicle, don’t waste any time—come to Peters for the most accurate car appraisal around!

What steps go in to car appraisal?

When you get your car appraised, there is really only one place to start. The first step is to call us and make an appointment. Next, simply come in and let one of our experts take a look at your vehicle! The steps of an appraisal are easy, and never take long. First, the appraiser will take notes on the basics of your car. They will take note of the year, make, and model of your vehicle. They will also check the mileage. Then, it’s time for the exterior inspection.

The inspector will walk around your car, carefully logging any damage they see. This can mean dents, scratches, chipped paint, or even the state of your tires. Don’t panic! These are natural forms of wear and tear on any vehicle. The inspector simply wants to come up with the best deal, both for you and for us! Remember, no matter the state of your vehicle—age, make, model, condition—Peters Auto Mall will always buy!

Next, it’s time for a quick interior inspection

The appraiser will look inside your vehicle for any telltale signs of damage. Ripped upholstery, any water or burn damage, etc. This can often include a test drive, to check for any noticeable mechanical issues. All of this will take hardly any time at all. Now that it’s over, your appraiser probably has an idea of what your vehicle is worth. Now comes the fun part!

Your written price offer

After some careful deliberation, we will provide you with a written offer. From the time you take the written offer home, you have 7 days to decide if it is right for you. No pressure, no obligation. Simply let us know if you choose to accept or deny our offer by the end of the 7 day period. If you do decide it is right for you, there are only a couple more steps!

Selling or trading is easy with Peters Auto Mall!

Once you’ve undergone the car appraisal and accepted our offer, we just need a few documents. Your car’s title or valid payoff information, your registration, and a valid driver’s license will prove ownership. Then, just hand over your keys, and we’re all done! You’re the proud owner of a nice sum of money, and we’re the proud owners of your used car. If you wish to trade in, simply let us know, and we can put your car’s trade-in value towards your next vehicle. Come up with a payment plan, and voila! Car appraisal, selling and trading is easy as it can be at Peters Auto Mall! Our priority is to serve our customers by offering the best quality vehicles at the best possible prices and to make the experience easy and efficient.