Your Car Appraisal Begins a Great Car-Buying Experience at Peters

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Car appraisal can be tricky without Peters Auto Mall!  As a car or truck owner, when are the times that you expect to have your previously-owned vehicle appraised? Before you buy it and before you sell it, right? If you are purchasing a vehicle, you want to be sure that its value has been reasonably determined and that the asking price is fair. If you are selling your vehicle, you want to be certain of the same thing – that its value has been realistically established and that you are getting a fair deal. At Peters Auto Mall, we agree with you, and we promise that you always will get a fair and reasonable car appraisal from us.

Car Appraisal; Playing Fair

Our professional automobile technicians go through special training to ensure that they know and understand all the details of your vehicle’s operating systems and how they depend on each other for maximum efficiency. This way, not only can they determine what parts need to be fixed or replaced, but they also can accurately forecast the impact on other parts and systems and help prevent future problems.

We will start each car appraisal with your vehicle’s make, model, year and mileage and a test drive. Then, we will do a careful assessment of the condition of the overall exterior and the entire interior appearance. We will inspect the tires, windshields, and windows for wear and tear. Additionally, we will go over the engine and transmission for signs that parts may need to be repaired or replaced. We also will check the frame for evidence of accident or flood damage. Then, we will factor in the value of any options, features or modifications that will influence the overall value. And, of course, we will get a vehicle history report. This will document the vehicle’s true odometer reading, title and registration information, accident history, service, and repair history, and recall statistics among other information.

When our Peters Auto Mall mechanics have completed their thorough inspection, they will honestly assess your car’s or truck’s condition. Additionally, they’ll compare it to other similar vehicles that have sold in the same market. Finally, they’ll establish an accurate, transparent, no-haggle price for you. We believe that’s the kind of car appraisal you want and deserve. And, once we give you an offer, you can act on it immediately or you can take as many as seven days to think it over without any pressure to make a decision before you are ready.

Just remember these things:

If you are selling your vehicle to us, you will need to have your title or payoff information, the current registration information, your driver’s license, and all the keys and remote devices.

If you are buying one of our previously-owned vehicles:

 you will need to bring proof of residency, proof of income, your driver’s license and social security card.

Get rid of your old car and into a newer one in no time at all! Just think, it all started with your Peters Auto Mall honest, fair and reasonable car appraisal!