Peters Auto Mall Always Provides a Fair Car Appraisal

car appraisalThe car appraisal guide for you: As a potential purchaser of a new-to-you, previously-owned car or truck, you are probably acutely aware of the importance of obtaining a reasonable vehicle evaluation and an honest car appraisal.

1. You need to be able to rely on a purchase price that is based on the fair market value of the one you plan to buy.  Car appraisal point one.

2. You also need to have confidence in the reliability of the dealership to accurately review and assess the value of the one that you are trading in for credit toward the new purchase price. Car appraisal point two.

At Peters Auto Mall, we understand how important a fair appraisal is to the used car buying process and we take our responsibility to provide the most accurate, dependable evaluation possible as seriously as you do.  Car appraisal point three.

The Car Appraisal List

As you experience the trade-in/purchase process, you will encounter two levels of the appraisal – informal and formal. The informal procedure provides the dealer with a basic opinion of value based on the vehicle’s mileage plus a test drive and reference to suggested prices of similar ones in the Kelley Blue Book. This type of judgment is used to determine the trade-in value. A more formal procedure will involve a professional mechanic. The mechanic will do a comprehensive assessment of all operating systems, along with a detailed inspection of the interior and exterior conditions and a detailed comparison with other similar ones that have been sold in the same area in recent months.

This type of judgment is used to derive a final sales price for vehicles on the lot. A trustworthy final price will reflect the true and objective market value of the car or truck at the point in time under consideration. If you are looking to buy, the professional staff members at Peters encourage all of our potential customers to undertake their own informal appraisal before starting the purchase process. Lastly,  you’ll want to conduct this research to determine whether the one you are considering is appropriate for your driving style, your family’s budget, and your actual needs.


  • Do an online check for current information about the one you have in mind. Watch for recall alerts, safety issues, maintenance problems, and owners’ reviews.  Car appraisal point four.
  • Take your time. Test drive more than once under different weather conditions and in various traffic situations like open highway acceleration and urban congestion.  Car appraisal point five.
  • Let your mechanic look it over for signs of accident damage or shoddy maintenance or wear and tear beyond what is expected for its age and mileage.  Car appraisal point six.
  • Take it to another dealer for a second opinion.  Car appraisal point 7.
  • Finally, check the price on Carfax. Carfax is always fair and unbiased. Thus, you’ll feel confident knowing you scored a great deal.

These steps will give you peace of mind. So, start your own process with our online inventory to help develop a shortlist of possibilities for your consideration. Then, come in to sell your current ride or trade it for a newer model. Or, test-drive something from our extensive selection.  Questions? Contact us today! We look forward to doing business with you.