Buying Used Trucks for Sale in Greensboro NC

used trucks for sale in Greensboro NCWhen buying a used truck, there are a few things to consider in making the right choice. Size may be the first thing that comes to mind. Most trucks are either compact, light-duty, or heavy-duty. Other features should also be considered. Peters Auto Mall is guaranteed to have the right types of used trucks for you.   We consider several factors when choosing the trucks that will eventually be shown on our lots, and these factors include everything from the type of engine to drivetrain. Buying used trucks for sale in Greensboro NC is easy when you visit Peters Auto Mall.

Type of Engine

The type of engine will determine the amount of power the truck has and its fuel economy. A compact truck usually offers a four- or six-cylinder engine. The four-cylinder has the advantage of fuel economy while the six-cylinder has more power. The full-size light and heavy-duty trucks offer six- and eight-cylinder engines. The eight-cylinder is strong on power, but not so much on fuel economy. This type is particularly useful for hauling and towing large loads. Diesel engines used to be the domain of heavy-duty trucks. Now, diesel engines are appearing in even light-duty and compact trucks. Diesel offers the advantage of good fuel economy combined with towing capability.

Type of Drivetrain to Look For on Used Trucks for Sale in Greensboro NC

Most trucks have departed from the manual transmission in favor of the automatic. This departure has not necessarily reduced the number of gears. Some automatic transmissions have up to eight gears. A large number of gears allows the truck to perform in a variety of conditions with the least fuel consumption. Used trucks still offer an option between four-wheel and two-wheel drive. Four-wheel drive is great for off-roading and gripping the road in a variety of conditions. A two-wheel drive is great for hauling and towing and performance, particularly if you don’t deal with harsh weather conditions. Many trucks feature technology such as electronic traction control.

Cab Type

The three truck cab types are the regular cab, extended cab, and crew cab. Regular cabs seat two or three people and have two doors. This type is more practical for the commercial buyer because of limited seating. An extended cab on full-size trucks adds room for up to three more passengers, while on compacts it mostly adds storage space. This cab type is great for added storage in lieu of passengers. The added passenger space in the back is on the compact side. Crew cabs seat five to six passengers and feature four full-size doors. This cab type is a good option for carrying your family or a large number of passengers regularly.

Towing Ability

Compact trucks can tow the least amount, between 3,000 and 8,000 pounds, depending on how they’re equipped. Depending on the engines and suspensions, light-duty trucks can tow up to 12,000 pounds. Heavy-duty full-size trucks haul the most, as much as 30,000 pounds with a fifth-wheel connection.
Used trucks for sale in Greensboro NC can range from tough commercial haulers to leisure vehicles. No matter your preference, Peters Auto Mall has an inventory of used trucks to meet your needs. Our professional and knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right used truck for you. Stop by today to explore our inventory and take a test drive.