​Minivans vs SUVs – A Shopping Comparison of Benefits

minivans vs suvs

You may have thought the minivan was a thing of the past with the arrival of sleeker-looking SUVs on the scene, but this is not the case. Serious car buyers simply cannot overlook the functionality of a minivan, which maintains their relevance on the market. For bigger families looking to make their next car purchase, the great debate is often centered around minivans vs SUVs – let us clarify. Though they both have their perks, one is typically found to be a better fit for a family over the other once all the factors have been weighed out. When it comes to what’s right for your own family, you will have to consider which benefits are top priority.


Minivans are typically designed with the comfort and safety of families specifically in mind. Although earlier models may not have been the most attractive options out there, newer minivan styles have come a long way since manufacturers began to put a little more effort into making them appealing.

The market for sport utility vehicles has shown continued growth over the years as manufacturers offer new and revamped models to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. Of course, the main factor that makes car buyers lean in the direction of an SUV over a minivan is their tendency to have a more upscale appearance.


Space is typically the number one reason to shop for a minivan. As your family continues to increase in size, the extra room will be a necessity. There’s plenty of seating for all your passengers and their cargo, plus space to move around in if you’re a family that’s constantly on-the-go and need to treat your vehicle like an extension of your living environment. If you have smaller children, it also helps to recognize that getting in and out of minivans vs SUVs is more convenient. Minivans have lower entry heights and doors that slide wide open, which is more favorable when dealing with car seats.

When it comes to space in an SUV, you’ll find it’s comparable to that of a minivan for the most part. The biggest difference is that SUVs are available in various sizes, which can make it easier to find the right fit for the number of people in your family. There are compact, mid-size, and large models, allowing you to have more room than a normal-sized vehicle but not making it necessary to buy something with more room than you need.


The weather must also be part of the discussion when analyzing the differences between the two. Some select minivan models have four-wheel or all-wheel drive. However, the majority are only  2WD. So, if you live in a harsher climate where the roads get slick with snow and ice, an SUV might be a better choice. There is a much wider SUV selection with 4WD and AWD.

Minivans vs SUVs at Peters Auto Mall

The knowledgeable staff at Peters Auto Mall is happy to help you settle your debate. They’ll supply you with all the information you need to make an educated investment decision. Our used car dealership has a large inventory of makes and models in both types of vehicles for you to browse through and test drive. Our number one goal is making sure you get the best value for your money and drive away happy!