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best used trucksPickup trucks are very popular in America. Whereas years ago, you only found trucks on the farm or construction site, now they’re everywhere. With manufacturers improving both ride and handling, trucks are more desirable than ever. Extended cabs for the whole family have made it the new family vehicle. Additionally, manufacturers have increased fuel efficiency to also make them more appealing. However, with some brand-new models approaching six figures, you may want to consider a pre owned truck. When searching for the best used trucks for sale, shop Peters Auto Mall.

Back in 1993, Keven and Angie Peters opened their doors with a vision of a different kind of dealership. Over the years, their business has grown into the Triad’s #1 used car dealership. With financing for everyone, online purchasing, and no-haggle pricing, we always strive to put you first.

Whether you’re looking for a midsize pickup truck or a full size pickup truck, we’ve got the vehicle for you. Looking for a half ton truck like the Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Ram 1500, or Ford F-150? Perhaps you’re in the market for a smaller truck, look at Nissan or Toyota trucks, such as the Toyota Tacoma or Nissan Frontier. Whatever type of vehicle you’re looking for, car, van, SUV, or pickup, we’ve got what you need. Plus, we’ve got them at prices you’ll love.

Sticker Price Is Only One Consideration

Certainly, the initial cost of the truck is an important factor. Yet, some consumers only compare sticker prices when considering which pickup truck to buy. However, other costs can make maintaining your vehicle more expensive in the long run.

For example, some trucks are more fuel-efficient than others. Over time, traveling more miles per gallon will save you more money. However, in order to achieve greater fuel efficiency, manufacturers may use aluminum rather than steel for certain body panels. Although much lighter than steel, aluminum is more expensive to fix when damaged. Thus, repairs to these parts will cost you more.

Additionally, the reliability of the vehicle will affect your costs. Reliability is dependent on two factors, how often your vehicle needs repairs and the cost. Consumers rate reliability high on their priority list. It’s more than an inconvenience to have a vehicle that is frequently in for repairs. Moreover, car and truck owners don’t appreciate repairs that cost hundreds of dollars either.

Online tools make it easy to find the best used trucks. You can check the reliability of a truck through several sources. J.D. Power and U.S. News and World report are 2 excellent places to check reliability. Also, vehicle history reports like Carfax will help you find the best pickup truck for you. At Peters Auto Mall, we offer the Carfax report on all vehicles on our lot.

The Manufacturer’s Warranty Is Important Too

Another consideration is the manufacturer’s warranty. Most domestic manufacturers offer a 5-year/60,000 mile on the powertrain for gas engines. Truck manufacturers generally offer 5-year/100,000 miles on diesel engines. While bumper to bumper warranties are usually 3-year/36,000 miles. However, Nissan offers the longest bumper to bumper warranty of any truck manufacturer with 5 year/100,000 miles.

The length of the warranty may save you a considerable amount of money. When a vehicle is under warranty, the car manufacturer will fix any covered component at no charge. Generally, car and truck manufacturers will extend the warranty to subsequent owners as long as it’s within the specified time frame. Thus, if you’re looking to buy a used truck, you may be able to find one still under warranty.

At Peters Auto Mall, we have many late model trucks with low mileage. Some are still within the manufacturer’s warranty. You can view our large pickup truck inventory here. See one you like? We’ll be happy to schedule a test drive. Just click on the green button to the right of the listing or call us at 336-434-1600.

Which Is the Best Truck Manufacturer?

Ford and Chevrolet have been rival companies for a long time. The first Ford truck, a model TT, rolled off the assembly line in 1917. Chevrolet followed soon after in 1918 with its truck, the one-ton. Today Ford builds the F-150, Super Duty, and Ranger. While Chevrolet makes the Silverado and Colorado.

Some people have a preference for one automaker over the other. Shoppers buying a truck for the first time often wonder, is one truck better than the other? While you might think this is a simple question, it doesn’t have an easy answer. Which truck is best really depends upon your needs and wants. You may feel that some or all of the following items is a priority for your next truck purchase:

  • Pricing
  • Reliability
  • Comfort
  • Cargo space
  • Interior design
  • Technology
  • Engine choice
  • Fuel economy
  • Ride and handling
  • Towing and hauling
  • Safety ratings
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Crew cab

As you can see, there is quite a list of factors to consider and the manufacturers vary in each of them. Also, the features you’re looking for in a great truck, are probably different than the features another shopper wants. For example, you may want a bigger engine for strong towing capacity. Another buyer may want a truck with a better fuel economy.

In addition, there’s engine choice. Generally, pickup trucks have either a V6 engine or a V8 engine size. Or, you can opt for a diesel engine. Your engine choice will greatly affect your truck’s torque or hauling and towing capacity.

Increasingly, manufacturers equip trucks with newer technology. Some, like cruise control, gives the driver greater comfort. Others like the 360-degree surround-view camera systems, supply added safety. While other features, like a power tailgate, may be nice to have but not necessary. Each feature will have a different importance to individual shoppers.

A Better Question Is, “What Type of Truck Should I Buy?”

Trucks offer a large number of variations in options. You can choose a mid-size or full size, light duty, or heavy duty truck. Then, there’s also axle ratio and engine size, bed, and cab size. And don’t forget the trim packages! Perhaps you even want one of those cool looking lifted trucks for better off-roading capabilities.

The variations and choices can seem overwhelming. Start by deciding exactly what you’re planning on using the truck for. This will help narrow down your options. For example, will you be driving mostly around town and doing some light hauling? You may want a mid-size truck with its better gas mileage and easier handling. Will you be pulling a heavy trailer? Then you need a reliable truck with good towing capacity.

When shopping for a brand-new truck, prepare for extreme sticker shock. While the average price of a new truck is about $50,000, prices can easily exceed $70,000 depending on options. If you’re looking for a lifted truck with more off-roading capabilities, it’ll cost you even more.

A better option is to buy a pre owned truck. According to USA Today, the average price of a used midsize truck is about $29,400 and full size near $33,000. When searching for great deals on used trucks, including lifted trucks, shop Peters Auto Mall.

Should I Buy a Pre Owned Truck?

We know that brand-new trucks are very expensive. With the uncertainty of the economy due to the pandemic, it makes more sense to buy used. First, the depreciation rate is slower in used trucks than brand-new ones. The first year is especially devastating with trucks losing a large percentage of their value, about 28%. When you buy a used pickup, you retain more of its resale value.

Moreover, buying a used truck gives you the opportunity to explore a different model year giving you more options. For example, starting in 2015, Ford switched from steel to aluminum body parts. If you’re buying a pickup for driving around town, this is great news for you. Ford’s aluminum truck is 700 lbs. lighter, saving you on gas and wear and tear on the engine.

However, if you’re looking for a work truck and like Ford, you may want an older steel model. While aluminum is lighter and better at resisting rust, it can’t compete with the strength of steel. In side-by-side testing, the steel bed resisted dents far better than aluminum.

With a lower purchase price, you’ll save on governmental fees and insurance, too. Based on the value of the vehicle, these fees will be much lower on a used automobile. You could save hundreds of dollars by buying a pre owned truck, since taxes and insurance are based on the current value of the vehicle.

Is A Certified Pre Owned Truck A Good Value?

Some shoppers get nervous when buying a used pickup truck. Building on this reluctance, dealerships and automakers developed the CPO program. Certified Pre Owned (CPO) vehicles are only several years old with fewer miles. They’re thoroughly inspected and backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. While these are cheaper than a brand-new pickup, they’re more expensive than a used truck. The added warranty for peace of mind comes at a steep price.

Instead, you can buy a used truck from Peters Auto Mall that undergoes our own extensive 125-point inspection. Every vehicle that we acquire undergoes our analysis before we place it on our lot. We spend an average of 12 hours checking the air conditioning, suspension, engine, transmission, cooling system, brakes, and electrical system. When you buy from our dealership, you know your vehicle is safe and reliable.

Car Dealerships That Buy Cars

Due to the pandemic, many of us face financial hardships. Thus, instead of buying a car you may be looking to sell your vehicle. When searching for car dealerships that buy cars, Peters Auto Mall can do so quickly and easily.

You never need to make an appointment, just stop by one of our 3 locations at any time. The process is fast and we’ll give you an offer in as little as 15 minutes. Just bring your title or payoff statement, a valid ID for all owners, all keys and remotes and any maintenance records.

Often, car dealerships that buy cars only do so with the condition that you will purchase a vehicle from them. However, we’ll buy your car from you with absolutely no obligation to buy anything from us. Plus, we’ll handle all the paperwork and give you cash on the spot! Or, if you prefer, you can think about our offer for 7 days…no pressure to accept immediately.

Great Prices on the Best Used Trucks in Greensboro and High Point

When you’re searching for the best used trucks at a great price, stop by Peters Auto Mall. We have a large inventory of quality pre owned vehicles, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Plus, we have financing for everyone, no matter your credit rating. Right now, you can get financing starting as low as $99 per month! Our financing team will work with you to find the best payment plan and lowest interest available.

As a family-owned, local business, we have always considered our customer service to be our top priority. It’s important to us to serve our community and have you return in the future when someone in the family needs a vehicle. Read some of the reviews from our satisfied customers here.

We have 3 convenient locations to serve you. In High Point, we’re located on both North and South Main Street. While in Greensboro we’re on West Market Street. However, if you feel more comfortable, you can buy your next vehicle entirely online! Just browse our inventory to find the automobile for you. Give us a call at 336-343-1600 and we’ll be happy to bring it by your home for a test drive. Come see why many car shoppers have made us the #1 choice for used vehicles.