Three Great Ways to Locate the Best Place to Find Used Cars

best place to find used cars

We live in an age when getting information is almost ridiculously simple. Most of us walk around with a device in our pocket that can let us find out whatever we want to know in just a matter of moments. Need directions somewhere? Want to see what time a store closes? Have to settle a bet to determine the starting shortstop for the 1991 Atlanta Braves? These answers and millions more are just a couple of clicks away. And, while we now have access to so much information, it still needs to be used the right way.

This is especially true when it comes to making a purchase. You can spend hours online doing research, looking at prices, comparing sellers, essentially filling your head with facts and data, but that may not help you come to a decision about what to buy. For example, if you are planning to buy a used car, you will find quite a few dealerships in your area. They all may have a similar selection and their prices could be comparable, so which one should you choose? When looking for the best place to find used cars – make sure to focus on these three areas.

Reviews and Testimonials from the Best Place to Find Used Cars

Before buying anything, it really pays to see what other people have said. Generally, people are honest about their buying experience and they leave online reviews specifically for future customers. Make sure to read several reviews and testimonials that mention not only the cars that were bought, but the buying process, the customer service, and anything else important to you. Also, do not just rely on a dealership’s website for these reviews; check out other, unbiased sites so you can get the whole picture.


People buy cars all the time, so chances are, you know somebody who has made a recent purchase. This could be a family member, friend, or possibly a co-worker. Talk to them about their experience and just like with the reviews, try to get as much detailed information as possible. You are making a very big decision, so you want to be as educated as possible.


The best place selling used cars will have accreditation from agencies like the Better Business Bureau. If a dealership does not have a rating with the BBB or it is not good, this is a big sign telling you to stay away. Before you decide where to buy your car, it is always a good idea to see what an organization like the BBB has to say about a company.

The Best Place to Find Used Cars

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