What is the Best Place to Buy Used Cars in The Triad?

best place to buy used cars No matter the situation, having a reliable vehicle is critical. It gives us the freedom to get from one place to another and confidence that we can do so, safely. At Peters Auto Mall, our team works diligently every day to help you do that. From our extensive 125-point inspection to our unwavering dedication to our community, we keep your safety foremost in everything that we do. If you’re looking for the best place to buy used cars in the Triad, let us help.

To guide you, let’s start with questions as there seem to be many of those flying around these days.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Used Cars in the Triad?

Arming yourself with information helps you make the best decisions. If you are looking for the best place to buy used cars at the moment, we have answers.

First, let’s begin with a popular query – where is the best place to find used cars on the internet? Even before COVID-19 entered into our thoughts, the convenience of browsing for a car online was enticing. It’s a great way to get a feel for what is out there, compare prices and settle on a dealership. However, strolling around car lots is still a fun endeavor. Not only is that enjoyable, it’s useful. Sitting behind the wheel, getting a feel for the vehicle and making sure you fit it as much as you think it fits you is important. It’s an integral part of the buying process.

That said, let’s recognize that how you buy a car may have changed a bit over the last few weeks or months. You may have concerns about wandering around our inventory on the car lots. Likely, you have many concerns about lots of stuff. We get it. Together, we are navigating our new norms. Each new day, our team at Peters Auto Mall works together to create the best way to continue serving you. We will do our best to alleviate concerns and explain our process as we continue to move forward.

Even though we still do, and always will, welcome a visit to our lot, we also offer an option to buy your car online. It truly is convenient and has become a popular way to choose your vehicle. Keeping this as a choice makes sense for everyone.

However, we add a personal touch that isn’t always true with all online vendors as you search for the best cars and trucks for sale. Our sales staff provides one-on-one communication to personalize your needs and to help you find the vehicle that fits your style best. If you can’t physically sit behind the wheel, we offer detailed information on our website about our cars and trucks. Therefore, you can find the best new car for you without leaving home.

How Do You Choose the Perfect Vehicle?

You probably also wonder, how can you can you best choose the vehicle that fits your style the best? Our team aids with that as well. We take the time to get to know you. With us, it’s personal. You are our neighbor, our family. Whether you’re looking for a classic car, trucks or don’t quite know yet, we take the time to speak with you and guide your decision.

To pick a vehicle that fits you the best, consider a few key things to think about when buying a car:

  • Passenger Space. Since transportation is the main reason most folks need a car, consider how many people typically hop in your vehicle.
  • Cargo Space. We carry lots of stuff too. Make sure that you have room for what you plan to transport. Sports equipment can take up a lot of space and may require more than a trunk…perhaps it’s time to consider an SUV.
  • Type of Cargo. What you carry also determines the vehicle that you need. For instance, for folks hauling large items, trucks may be their best bet.
  • Luxury vs Practicality. Think about what you use your car for. Do you put on lots of miles and prefer comfort? Or, do you need a practical vehicle that helps you accomplish tasks?
  • Manual or Automatic? Some folks like the feeling of really driving their cars and trucks and prefer a manual shift. Others, want to sit back a bit and enjoy their ride as automatically as possible.
  • Future Cost. Powering your car is an expense to consider every day. When you choose a car with lots of power, you sacrifice on fuel economy a bit. If you want to save even more money, you may want to consider a hybrid or alternatively powered vehicle.

To have a little fun finding the perfect match, try this quiz to find which vehicle fits your personality.

Stay Safe

Clearly, safety is also key. Before you buy a car, do a little research. Consumer Reports is a great place to start. There, you can compare pre-owned and new cars by safety ratings and pricing. You can also check out standard and optional advanced safety features on different models. Therefore, you not only know what each car is worth, you can compare this pricing with enhanced safety standards.

Once you settle on a car, if it’s certified pre-owned, it’s wise to also check the history report. A vehicle history lets you know if a car has been in an accident or has recall issues. Mileage is also important to think about it. While many cars can go for many thousands of miles, consider how many you will be adding to it and the reliability of the car. Fortunately, at Peters Auto Mall, we perform an extensive 125-point inspection to make sure that each vehicle works as it should.

The Unique Advantage of Buying from a Family-Owned Dealership

Obviously, we all have the option now of buying and selling used cars online. Initially, that may seem like the easiest way to go about it. However, there are a few pitfalls. For instance, if you choose to sell your car online, you need to find a good resource to do so. While resources abound, these companies have to make money too. Therefore, they charge a fee.

Moreover, even if you find a buyer for your pre-owned car, you aren’t guaranteed that the purchaser has the funds to actually follow through with the deal. When a deal falls through, you’ve wasted valuable time, possibly money and it’s simply frustrating. If it does go through, you’re left with paperwork and details that also take up time.

Similarly, if you are buying a car online, you still run risks. Private sales of vehicles are time consuming and often difficult to negotiate. Can you truly trust the person from whom you are buying? What if there are hidden issues with private cars for sale? There are few guarantees when you purchase from a stranger. In the end, it’s very hard to know what a car is worth unless it’s been verified by a reputable source. Once you actually get the car, you must worry about financing, purchasing insurance, dealing with sales tax and other red tape that can be a pain.

Buying vehicles from a dealership is much less risky and easier. Most dealerships provide some sort of guarantee on cars and trucks. Plus, reputable dealers examine vehicles before placing them on the lot. This protects you and the dealership. They deal with the pesky red tape for you.

Better yet, purchasing form a locally-owned and independent business has unique advantages. We consider ourselves one of the best places to buy used cars in NC. Since Peters Auto Mall is family-owned, we strive to support our community. For more than 25 years, our focus has been on our customers. After all, as a local business, we want to please every customer so that you will recommend us to your family and friends! We truly appreciate your business and work diligently to share that appreciation. As much as our team members are our family, so are you. We never place vehicles onto our lot until we have thoroughly reviewed them to ensure that we are offering you quality products. Now, more than ever, it’s important that we work to support one another. Our loyal customers ensure that we can continue to reach out to our community as we each work together.

Likewise, we have a wide variety of vehicles on our lots. While brand dealerships tend to only have their product lines available, we have a little bit of everything. This saves you time and gives you a price advantage so that you can get a great deal. We don’t want to haggle over price, so we offer our vehicles at a fair price, which means you don’t have to worry about spending time negotiating! Plus, we provide outstanding in-house financing.

Everyone Gets the Best Deal

Speaking of financing and getting a good deal, this leads to the next step. When you decide to buy a car, you also need to figure out what to do with your current car. If you wish to sell your car as well, we help with that too. Whether or not you keep your current car often affects your ability to put a down payment on your car loan. If you think you may sell your car, do your research as well to figure out what your car is worth. Or, simply ask us about selling your current car to us and we’ll help. That makes it easy to use your own car as part of your down payment on your purchase.

Financing Your Vehicle

Another way we help you achieve the best deal is by providing fabulous financing options. Our numerous lenders trust us and our customers. Therefore, we can manage even the most difficult financing situations. Good credit, bad credit, we’ve seen it all. We get that sometimes things just happen. We will work with you. In fact, we offer a quick pre-approval option so that you can figure out what payment options fit you the best.

Caring for Your Car

Finally, the fun part! You have your new ride and now need to keep it in top condition. Many of our customers wonder: What are the best ways to take care of your car? We have answers to that as well.

Here is a quick list of things you need to think about:

  • Oil Changes – Keep all parts moving freely and effectively.
  • Brake Upkeep – Stay safe so that you can stop when you need to stop.
  • Fluid Replacement – Full fluids ensure your engine runs safely.
  • Warning Lights – Address issues quickly.
  • Tires and Alignment – Save on gas and stay safe with properly-maintained tires.
  • Inspections – Remain up to date on all safety inspections.

Since we also offer a full-service department, we can aid you in all of the above and more. Additionally, we include a FREE wash with any service over $50. Plus, we offer full vehicle detailing options for an extra level of cleaning perfection.

So, there it is. The ins and outs of finding the best place to buy used cars in a nutshell. We hope we’ve helped a bit and look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, give us a call at 336-434-1600. Or, peek at our inventory online to find the best ride for your adventures to come! Reserve a test drive by clicking on the button on each car’s description. We have 3 lots in the Triad area ready to serve you. The most recent one is on North Main Street in High Point. Addresses and phone numbers for each location are on this page on our website. Keep in mind, we also offer delivery to the lot closest to you for convenience. Or, we can deliver the car right to your driveway!